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Vanguard High Dividend Yield Indx ETF

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  1. 3 Active Funds That Balance the Risks and Rewards of Dividend-Income Investing

    These funds may offer some downside protection at a time when stock and bond yields are low and valuations full.

  2. My Favorite Free Investing Tools

    I tell you where you can find them, what you will find, and my favorite features of each.

  3. S&P 500 dividend payouts hit a record in the third quarter

    S&P 500 dividend payouts hit a record in the third quarter

  4. This Fund Finds Yield Without Loading Up on Risky Stocks

    This fund manages to target high-yielding stocks while maintaining broad diversification.

  5. The Perils of Funds That Narrowly Target High-Yielding Stocks

    Putting too much emphasis on dividend yield can harm the total return of your equity income investment.

  6. This Dividend Fund's Quality Screen Gives It a Leg Up

    This exchange-traded fund offers profitable dividend-paying stocks with durable competitive advantages at a low fee.

  7. A Unique Approach to Target Dividend-Paying Stocks

    This fund’s weighting approach skews it toward the larger and more profitable dividend-payers.

  8. Dual Focus: Profits and Dividends

    This ETF balances its yield mandate with profitability to reduce risk.

  9. Are Dividend Funds Overvalued?

    Despite their popularity, the average dividend-focused fund isn’t trading at a premium relative to the broad market.


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