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Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF

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  1. The Perils of Funds That Narrowly Target High-Yielding Stocks

    Putting too much emphasis on dividend yield can harm the total return of your equity income investment.

  2. Not All Dividend ETFs Are Created Equal

    It's important to look beyond these funds' label and understand what is in the tin.

  3. High-Quality International Stocks for a Slim Fee

    Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation focuses on profitable firms that have consistently increased their dividend payments.

  4. Seeking Quality in the S&P 500

    This fund favors highly profitable firms with durable competitive advantages.

  5. This Low-Cost, High-Quality Dividend ETF Earns High Marks

    Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF is one of our favorite equity-income funds.

  6. Are Dividend Funds Overvalued?

    Despite their popularity, the average dividend-focused fund isn’t trading at a premium relative to the broad market.

  7. The Best and Worst New ETFs of 2016

    Among the many new launches, there were plenty of lumps of coal and a few diamonds to be found.

  8. The Buyback ETF

    This distinctive strategy has a strong record, but its high turnover, fee, and myopic selection criterion detract from its appeal.


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