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  1. Loveless: Even Winning Funds Are Bleeding Assets

    Investors pulled nearly $100 billion from index-beaters recently.

  2. For Vanguard, Every Year Is a Record

    At least this time, there is some consolation for the others.

  3. Funds That Look Cheaper Than the Market

    This screen turns up solid funds with lower valuations than the S&P 500 Index.

  4. What Is Vanguard 500 Index's Achilles Heel?

    Market-cap-weighted indexes' greatest strength is arguably also their biggest weakness.

  5. Keep It Simple, and Keep It Cheap

    A new study bolsters the old argument for plain-vanilla investing.

  6. The World's Largest Fund Just Got a Bit Cheaper

    It is hard not to like this fund, especially following another fee cut.

  7. The S&P 500 Remains Relevant at 60

    The index is still a strong brand in an increasingly commoditized industry.

  8. Joining the Index Is No Way to Beat It

    Accepting indexlike performance without having indexlike costs is not a winning hand.

  9. This ETF Might Be the Biggest S&P 500 Tracker, but It Isn't the Best

    A relatively high fee and structural impediments encumber SPDR S&P 500's performance.

  10. Saluting a Mutual Fund Pioneer

    Ab Nicholas, rest in peace.


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