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TCW Total Return Bond I

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  1. Southern California Bond Managers: Big Smoke, Small Fire

    Much personal drama, not much investment disparity.

  2. Will the Foreclosure Mess Dog Your Bond Fund?

    Its bark is worse than its bite.

  3. Rate Rises and Bond Funds

    This article represents opinions of the author and not those of his firm and are subject to change from time to time and do not constitute a recommendation to purchase and sale any security nor to engage in any particular investment strategy. The information contained here has been obtained from ...

  4. Vanguard Gets a New Chairman

    Plus more Putnam cuts, Gundlach fallout, and active T. Rowe Price ETFs.

  5. Royce Launches New Mid-Cap Fund

    Plus, a shocking week for the fund industry.

  6. More Top Small-Value Funds to Close

    Closures follow the shuttering of a number of other small-cap funds in recent weeks and coincide with more than two years of strong performance.

  7. TCW Total Return: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

    It's rare that any manager's departure is reason to immediately flee.

  8. Three Stories from 2009 that Will Still Matter in 2010

    Gundlach, Berkowitz, and the Supreme Court will still be on investors' radar in the new year.

  9. Our Runners-Up for Manager of the Year

    TCW, UMB, and Dodge & Cox went above and beyond in 2005.

  10. Fund Times: Putnam Sale Finalized

    Plus, news on Fidelity's new small-cap fund, TCW cuts bond-fund costs, and more.

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