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  1. Sequoia to Slow Inflows Further

    Although a 2012 soft close curbed inflows meaningfully, Sequoia's parent has decided to take a step further, allowing only existing shareholders to buy additional shares or open new accounts directly.

  2. Sequoia : Looking for the Next Berkshire

    Sequoia's Robert Goldfarb and David Poppe are seeking a firm with as much earnings potential at a low price as Buffett's company 20 years ago, but they note the outcome is unlikely. 

  3. Get the Best Out of Active and Index Funds

    In this 60-minute roundtable report, Morningstar's Russ Kinnel, Ben Johnson, John Rekenthaler, and Christine Benz dissect indexing's popularity, index versus active fund performance, and how investors can effectively blend the best of both in a portfolio.

  4. Sequoia Still Rock-Solid at Its Core

    The fund is more diversified than in years past, but no less focused on quality and the long term.

  5. Sequoia Closes to Some Investors

    Plus, fund manager of the year's firm cancels IPO, and more. 

  6. Sequoia Dials Down Its Concentration

    This venerable fund has made some changes to its portfolio, but it's still fabulous.

  7. Fund Times: Sequoia to Reopen After 25 Years

    Plus, changes at Morgan Keegan, new Vanguard funds, and more.

  8. Rediscovered: How Sequoia Cranks Out Good Returns

    If you're harboring doubts about Sequoia Fund's reopening, cast them aside. It's still a great mutual fund.

  9. Keep an Eye on the Downside

    Funds for the cautious investor.

  10. Keep an Eye on the Downside

    Funds for the cautious investor.

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