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  1. Top Portfolio Products: PowerShares ETF Wins Sharpe Award; Wasatch Rolls Out New Fund

    The latest offerings focus on emerging markets and dividends.

  2. 3D Asset: Climbing the Wall of Low Volatility

    Unless specified otherwise, all performance and market data are sourced from Bloomberg. For all indices, performance reflects total returns which is change in price plus reinvested dividends and/or interest, if any. MSCI index total returns are shown net of dividend withholding taxes.

  3. Elkhorn joins Vanguard, PowerShares in ETF play on corporate cash

    Some funds take advantage of two ways companies spend their cash, and now there's a third type focused on companies that reinvest their money wisely.

  4. PowerShares Commodity ETF Remains a Top Choice

    Although commodities have struggled recently, this ETF is a good choice for investors optimistic about the sector.

  5. PowerShares Axes 13 ETFs

    Invesco PowerShares Capital Management said it plans to close 13 ETFs, which represent less than 1% of Invesco PowerShares' total assets.

  6. Agricultural Commodities in the Spotlight

    Globally, calorie consumption is growing and could spur demand as well as a need for greater agricultural productivity.

  7. Be Cautious With Commodity Exchange-Traded Products

    Before speculating with futures-based ETPs, take a moment to look under the hood.

  8. PowerShares Rolls Out Suite of RAFI ETFs

    PIMCO launches a high-yield corporate-bond ETF. Plus, the week's best- and worst-performing ETFs.

  9. Fund Times: PowerShares Nearly Doubles ETF Family

    Plus, news on Gabelli, Vanguard, Clipper, Evergreen, Fidelity, and more.

  10. Invesco's More Complete and Much Stronger

    The asset manager's transformation has resulted in profitability that continues to improve.

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