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  1. Top Portfolio Products: PowerShares ETF Wins Sharpe Award; Wasatch Rolls Out New Fund

    The latest offerings focus on emerging markets and dividends.

  2. Best-performing ETF of last 10 years is up 420%

    Topping the list of the best-performing exchange-traded funds of the past 10 years is the PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio, with an eye-popping return of 420%.

  3. Last month's 'flash crash' dented investor confidence in these funds

    Last month's 'flash crash' dented investor confidence in these funds

  4. PowerShares Commodity ETF Remains a Top Choice

    Although commodities have struggled recently, this ETF is a good choice for investors optimistic about the sector.

  5. Agricultural Commodities in the Spotlight

    Globally, calorie consumption is growing and could spur demand as well as a need for greater agricultural productivity.

  6. Be Cautious With Commodity Exchange-Traded Products

    Before speculating with futures-based ETPs, take a moment to look under the hood.

  7. PowerShares Axes 13 ETFs

    Invesco PowerShares Capital Management said it plans to close 13 ETFs, which represent less than 1% of Invesco PowerShares' total assets.

  8. Funds That Channel Ben Graham

    Popular dividend-oriented ETFs that tilt toward yield or dividend growth have their roots in the teachings of Ben Graham.

  9. Defensive Equity Under the Microscope

    Low-volatility strategies won't always keep pace with the market, but they can still be compelling.

  10. The Almighty Dollar

    Options for capitalizing on the dollar's rise.

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