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  1. The New Breed of Active Management

    Lessons from last year’s sales champions.

  2. Is the Quant Fund Rally Fading?

    Solid choices remain even if their hot streak cools down. 

  3. A Fund for Greed and Fear

    This momentum fund, while not without risk, offers value investors a diversifying alternative strategy.

  4. Time to Rebalance Into Large and Low-Volatility Funds

    High-beta funds as well as funds with a small-company bent have been on a tear in 2013, which means right now could be a good time to adjust your allocations elsewhere.

  5. Cost-Efficient Exposure to Momentum

    This low-cost ETF may offer attractive returns and good diversification benefits.

  6. Getting Smart About So-Called Smart Beta

    Impressive marketing claims and back-tests are no substitute for economic intuition.

  7. Does Momentum Investing Work?

    While it runs counter to the principles of market efficiency, momentum can offer a powerful way to improve diversification and enhance expected returns. 

  8. Momentum Strikes Back

    Can momentum play nice with other strategies?

  9. Momentum and Market Inflection Points

    There's more, and less, than meets the eye in momentum's long-term track record.

  10. Momentum Strikes Back

    Can momentum play nice with other strategies?


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