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  1. Why Vanguard Was Hard to Beat in 2014

    It was tough for active managers to outpace Vanguard's low-cost index funds in 2014, and many of its active funds also outperformed.

  2. Frontier Markets Begin to Emerge

    But for investors, frontier-markets funds have short track records and carry unique risks.

  3. Frontier Markets Are Beginning to Emerge

    While promising, many frontier funds have short track records and carry unique risks.

  4. Passive Trend Less Pronounced in Bonds

    In recent years, passive U.S. equity investments have had strong inflows; however, investors are still finding value in active management for fixed-income holdings.

  5. What's the Right Foreign Allocation?

    Understand how to go global without going out on a limb.

  6. Triangulating Risk in the Corporate Bond Market Today

    Credit spreads could grind a bit tighter still as credit risk further improves, but rising rates may eat away at the gains, says Morningstar's Dave Sekera.

  7. Invesco's More Complete and Much Stronger

    The asset manager's transformation has resulted in profitability that continues to improve.

  8. Little Margin of Safety in Today's Markets

    Whether you look at equity or fixed-income markets, the investing landscape looks fully valued, says Morningstar's Tim Strauts.

  9. Fund Flows : 2013's Biggest Winners and Losers

    Passive equity funds, noncore bonds, alternatives, and many of the fund shops that sell them fared well last year, while core bonds, commodities, and gold suffered.

  10. Fund Flows Not Always Written in the Stars

    Although 4- and 5-star funds see strong inflows, funds that have yet to receive a Morningstar Rating have attracted the most assets.

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