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  1. The Quest for the Holy Grail of ETFs Continues

    Reports of the arrival of actively managed exchange-trade funds have been greatly exaggerated. Sure, there are some ETFs of recent vintage that come close, such as the PowerShares that track the quantitatively constructed Amex Intellidexes. Firms also have filed applications for active ETFs with ...

  2. Are Factor Investors Getting Paid to Take on Industry Risk?

    Industry tilts appear to pay off for momentum but are not integral to the success of value and low-volatility strategies.

  3. Mind the Gap Between Academic Research and Practice

    The returns of factor investment strategies often look more impressive in academia than in practice.

  4. The ETF Industry Turns 20

    A look back on the 20th anniversary of the first and most successful ETF in the U.S. 

  5. Don't Let the Boiling IPO Market Burn You

    Investors should look past the IPO hype and focus on company fundamentals.

  6. Fund Times: Key Management Team Departs Nicholas-Applegate

    Plus, news on an ETF that tracks oil, MFS, Turner, Guinness Atkinson, and more.

  7. Fund Times: Fidelity Fines Itself

    Plus, Vanguard Bond ETFs, First Trust pulls the old switcharoo, and more.


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