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Jack Welch

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  1. GE Sees Fruits of Diversification

    Oil and gas weakness is offset by the rest of the portfolio in the fourth quarter.

  2. Broken?

    Morningstar's Sam Lee takes another look at Shiller P/E.

  3. Industrial Focus Drives Growth for GE

    Efforts to increase service revenue pay off.

  4. The Bear Trap

    When the answer is already known.

  5. The Bear Trap

    When the answer is already known.

  6. Will a Minor Proxy Skirmish Shake Dividends from the Apple Tree?

    David Einhorn's legal victory in a suit against Apple may put more cash in shareholders' pockets and underscores the evolution of shareholder activism.

  7. Obama Following Bush Playbook

    Watching certain self-appointed spokesmen for free markets like Jack Welch howl with outrage about government involvement in business has a certain comical element to it. So does the spectacle of Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh trading places as bellyacher-in-chief.

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