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  1. Fed's New Bank Critic Keeps Heat On

    Fed's New Bank Critic Keeps Heat On

  2. Amount You Personally Threw Down the CIT Black Hole: $8

    How much did you personally lose when financial firm CIT went bust? Let's run the numbers. Amount  Hank Paulson gave to CIT on your behalf last fall even though CIT was a dead man walking:  $2.3 billion Number of Americans:  ~300 million Amount of money you personally shoveled down the CIT hole:  $8 ...

  3. 3 M&A Takeaways

    Merger activity sizzles in the food business, Apple experiments with Beats, and Pfizer stays disciplined.

  4. Brown: Treasuries Safe Haven for Long Term

    Fidelity manager Bob Brown says the European financial crisis will take years to resolve and that a continuing flight to quality will allow U.S. government bonds to sustain their value.

  5. In Europe, It’s 2008 All Over Again

    Palisades Hudson Newsletter: http://palisadeshudson.com/sentinel/ Larry Elkin's Blog: http://palisadeshudson.com/current-commentary/

  6. Insurers Reject TARP To Avoid Getting The Scarlet "T"

    So the insurance companies made a big deal about getting TARP protection, doing through all kinds of hoops to get the cash, and now that it's available, they don't want it. Allstate is the latest to decline the funds, citing its "strong capital and liquidity positions." Yes, everyone has strong ...

  7. The Error-Proof Portfolio: Why the Best Questions Might Be the 'Dumb' Ones

    Admitting what you don't know can be instrumental in improving your investment results.

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