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  1. China's President Xi Casts Country as Guardian of Globalization -- Update

    China's President Xi Casts Country as Guardian of Globalization -- Update

  2. Amount You Personally Threw Down the CIT Black Hole: $8

    How much did you personally lose when financial firm CIT went bust? Let's run the numbers. Amount  Hank Paulson gave to CIT on your behalf last fall even though CIT was a dead man walking:  $2.3 billion Number of Americans:  ~300 million Amount of money you personally shoveled down the CIT hole:  $8 ...

  3. 3 M&A Takeaways

    Merger activity sizzles in the food business, Apple experiments with Beats, and Pfizer stays disciplined.

  4. The Error-Proof Portfolio: Why the Best Questions Might Be the 'Dumb' Ones

    Admitting what you don't know can be instrumental in improving your investment results.

  5. The Many Myths of Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett is the most glorified and respected investor of all time.  And rightfully so.  After all, he became the world’s wealthiest man by essentially picking stocks.  But Warren Buffett is also remarkably misunderstood by the general public.  I personally believe the myth of Warren Buffett is one of the greatest tricks ever played on the small investor. To the average investor Buffett is a folksy frugal regular old chum who just has a knack for picking stocks.  You know, he just picks those “value stocks” and let’s them run, right?  Well, nothing could be farther from the truth and here we sit with an entire generation of investors fooled by the idea that value investing/buy and hold is the single greatest way to accumulate wealth.  With the poor results of the last ten years investors have finally started to challenge this thinking


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