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Richard Thaler

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  1. Valuation Matters

    The downside of downside risk management.

  2. Valuation Matters

    The downside of downside risk management.

  3. Buying Losers Might Work for Stocks, but Not for Funds

    The contrarian signal doesn’t translate well.

  4. Is the Do-It-Yourself Retirement Model Failing Us?

    401(k) auto-enrollment and auto-escalation programs have made a big difference, but too many retirement savers are still being left behind, says behavioral science and economics professor Richard Thaler .

  5. Making Contrarian Investing Work

    Performance tends to persist in the short run, but betting on long-term losers can be a winning strategy.

  6. 'Big Short' professor's fund swells in past year

    Richard Thaler's cameo in the Oscar contending movie “The Big Short” was a rare moment of glamour for an economist who built his career studying the follies of human behavior.

  7. The Big Short, Partial Truths, and Market Bubbles

    The film is right, yet it is wrong.

  8. Charley Ellis Foresees a 401(k) Crisis

    His advice for avoiding "grievous harm."

  9. Why Not 100% Equities?

    Revisiting a 20-year old suggestion.

  10. Long Live the 401(k)

    They’re not perfect, but defined-contribution plans have made some great strides.


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