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Harry Markowitz

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  1. What Does Harry Markowitz Think?

    Sam Savage and Paul Kaplan built a new approach to the pioneering economist's models. Now, they ask for his blessing.

  2. My Conversation With Harry Markowitz : MPT and Behavioral Economics

    The father of Modern Portfolio Theory can still educate and surprise, as in our conversation on how MPT can, and should, work with behavioral finance.

  3. Is It Science or Is It Baloney?

    We try to distinguish good active strategies from flashes in the pan.

  4. Back to Markowitz

    Volatility-based weighting is taking us back to what Harry Markowitz told us to do in the first place.

  5. Meeting of the Minds

    Two of the mutual fund world’s biggest thinkers square off on factor investing.

  6. The Case for Multifactor ETFs

    Don’t put all your factor “eggs” in one basket.

  7. The Futility of Chasing Returns

    There are a number of reasons why you should take presentations of outperformance with a grain of salt.

  8. Navigating Blind Spots on the Road to Retirement

    The industry needs to offer services that align with how people make decisions.

  9. Ignoring the Noise of Financial Markets

    During times of market stress, the biggest risk that investors face is themselves.

  10. What Morningstar Fund Analysts Are Reading

    Here are a few current recommended readings from Morningstar’s manager research team.


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