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  1. A Value Strategy That Doubles Down When Stocks Get Cheaper

    Market-cap-weighted indexes can work against a contrarian value strategy.

  2. Does a Perfect Policy Portfolio Exist?

    On Monday, two days after its self-imposed deal deadline, Tribune TRB announced that it had agreed to be taken private in a multistage deal involving real estate investor Sam Zell . The announcement doesn't come as much of a surprise to us, as recent media reports had indicated that Zell's offer had ...

  3. China’s Impending Inflation Battle

    Oh that dreaded government intervention!  To describe the contrast between the inflation situation in the United States and China as “stark” might be a bit of an understatement.  As we’ve previously described (see here) , the inflation issues in the United States remain benign for one primary reason: aggregate demand is weak.  The U.S.

  4. Second Quarter in Stocks: Buyout Binge Boosts Bulls

    But interest rate worries also build.

  5. The Year in Stocks: Equities Still Climbing

    M&A activity contributes to surge.

  6. Services Super Sector: Major Themes

    Health-care Sector Although the median health-care stock is slightly overvalued in our opinion, we're very excited by the prospects of the health-care sector. Demographics--especially older, wealthier populations--give many of the firms we cover a strong outlook in 2007 and beyond. We're excited ...

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