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  1. How To Stop Worrying and Love The Robot That Drives You to Work

    Lear LEA announced its intention last Friday to be acquired for about $5.3 billion by American Real Estate Partners ACP, a holding company controlled by investor Carl Icahn. Current shareholders would receive $36 per share in cash if the deal is consummated. We think the proposal undervalues Lear , ...

  2. Adient Looks to Expand Into Aviation Market with Boeing

    Adient Looks to Expand Into Aviation Market with Boeing

  3. Stock Returns May Not Be What They Seem

    Buyer beware when investment marketers give performance comparisons.

  4. Long-Term Value among Industrials

    Morningstar's industrials team looks beyond today to find value for the future.

  5. Investing 101: Consumer Goods Stocks Undervalued by Enterprise Value

    The author does not own any of the stocks or funds mentioned above.

  6. Morningstar Rating for Stocks Performance Update

    During a recent taping of a business show on which I appear each week, I took some heat for making positive comments about the market?s little slide over the past several weeks. Some folks seemed to think it was odd that I would welcome having more investment opportunities, but I suppose it all ...

  7. Stock Star Rating Performance Review

    Our top-rated stocks continue to do well, turning in very respectable performance in 2006. I'm happy that our patient strategy of recommending only stocks trading at a price that includes a reasonable margin of safety is paying off nicely for consumers of our research. As we have for the past few ...

  8. J.P. Morgan Asset Management: A Reliable Steward

    The firm continues to earn advisors' confidence, and strong inflows in 2015 keep it among the 10 largest U.S. fund companies.


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