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Christine Benz Videos

  1. Troubleshoot Your Plan's Risk Factors

    Hit the ground running in Week 1 by figuring out how you're doing, assessing and quantifying your financial goals, and making sure you have a safety net.

  2. Can You Replicate a Strategic Beta ETF at a Lower Cost?

    Alex Bryan compares strategic beta funds against cap-weighted funds to see if the strategies are really so unique.

  3. Kinnel's Favorite Low-Cost Active Funds

    Research shows that low costs are the best predictor of success, and that applies to active funds, too, says Russ Kinnel.

  4. Why Is the Success Rate of Strategic Beta Falling?

    Given the active bent of strategic beta ETFs, Morningstar's Ben Johnson says it is unsurprising that some are having trouble keeping up with more vanilla benchmarks.

  5. FundInvestor at 25: What's Next for Investors?

    On the 25th anniversary of Morningstar FundInvestor, former editors look back at how the industry has changed and what the future could hold.

  6. Higher Prices, Fewer Players in Long-Term Care Insurance

    A rapidly shifting landscape has pushed lower- and middle-income buyers out of the marketplace.

  7. Investors Seeing Alts Are No Free Lunch

    Russ Kinnel's research shows that assets have declined in this category much more than in others after a surge post-bear market.

  8. Smaller Investors Don't Have to Skimp on Services

    Information, advice, and investments can be costly, but Christine Benz has tips for finding services that are cheap.

  9. Time to Check Your Conservative Holdings

    With the rally in growth stocks and high-yield bonds, investors should check their mix of riskier and more conservative assets, says Christine Benz .

  10. Why Factor Investing Works Best With Smaller Stocks

    Strategies targeting factors like value and momentum seem to work better with small-cap equities thanks to more potential for mispricing, says Morningstar's Alex Bryan.


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