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Black Friday

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  1. Black Friday is now Home Depot's biggest sales day

    Black Friday is now Home Depot's biggest sales day

  2. Dollar’s Rise: a Good Sign

    This article represents opinions of the author and not those of his firm and are subject to change from time to time and do not constitute a recommendation to purchase and sale any security nor to engage in any particular investment strategy. The information contained here has been obtained from ...

  3. Falling Energy Prices Too Much of a Good Thing?

    It was terrible week for just about every investment category with the exception of U.S. Treasury bills and bonds. U.S. stocks were the "relative" winners, with the S&P down "just" 3.4% for the week. On the other end of the performance scale, emerging-markets equities were down a stunning 6.2% and ...

  4. Something's Not Working in November Jobs Report

    At least a portion of last month's high job growth may be due to overly aggressive seasonal factors.

  5. The Dark Side to Falling Oil Prices

    Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is neither representation nor warranty as to the current accuracy or, nor liability for, decisions based on such information. This article is distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice, a ...

  6. Black Friday Trends Here to Stay

    As online purchasing becomes the norm among consumers, many retailers are increasing promotional activity and engaging in price wars to drive store traffic, says Morningstar's R.J. Hottovy.

  7. After November gains, stocks expected to slip as oil prices extend decline

    Investors focusing on retail sales numbers after Black Friday and signs that China's manufacturing slowed

  8. Current Recovery Has Had Staying Power

    Despite the slowness of the recovery, it has been relatively long-lived, especially compared with recoveries of the '50s and early '60s.

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