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  1. When to Sell an Active Fund

    Strategy changes, poor stewardship, and asset bloat are among the many possible red flags that shareholders of actively managed funds should recognize to know whether to sell or stay invested.

  2. Fund Flows Turn Positive in June

    After U.S. mutual funds registered outflows in May, $13.5 billion came back in June.

  3. Equity Funds Finally Get Some Attention

    Investors pour $6.3 billion into stock mutual funds in April--the largest inflow since May 2009.

  4. Panel: Dividends Beat Share Buybacks

    The debate over whether firms should use cash surpluses on dividends or share repurchases pits long-term investors against short-term investors.

  5. TCW Makes Strides Toward a Healthier Culture

    The firm takes meaningful steps to remake itself after painful divorce from a star manager.

  6. Some American Funds Insiders Said Size Was a Problem

    Lawsuit evidence shows some portfolio counselors voiced concerns in a 2004 internal survey, but the funds' strong performance is hard to fault.

  7. U.S. Fund Investors Head for the Exits

    Even though credit worries in Europe dominated the headlines, investors took out their frustrations on U.S. stock funds.

  8. Bond Funds Make Out Big in 2009 Inflows

    After a brutal 2008 in which shareholders dumped funds en masse, inflows predominated in 2009.

  9. Is Health Care Immune to a Recession?

    Health care is historically resistant to economic downturns, but the sector could be more vulnerable in the future.

  10. ETFs for Your Watch List--and Some to Avoid

    Here is an update on ETF valuations.

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