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  1. Roger Ibbotson , Benoit Mandelbrot, and George Cooper

    Our distinguished economics panel debates the value of current risk models.

  2. The Perils of Funds That Narrowly Target High-Yielding Stocks

    Putting too much emphasis on dividend yield can harm the total return of your equity income investment.

  3. Ibbotson: Don't Overreact to Short-Term Volatility

    Instead of timing the ups and downs, investors should hold stocks for the long run and look to short-duration bonds as portfolio diversifiers, says Zebra Capital Management's Roger Ibbotson .

  4. Build Savings to Expand Wealth

    Contributions have the greatest effect on investors achieving their goals.

  5. Confronting the Anomalies of Investing

    What behavioral finance teaches about investments, and investors.

  6. Ibbotson: Unpopularity Pays

    New research shows that holding unpopular stocks and avoiding hot ones can lead to outperformance over time, says Zebra Capital Management's Roger Ibbotson .

  7. Ibbotson On The Amazing Illiquidity Premium

    Few pieces I've ever written generated as much interest as Financial Advisor's Big Picture column in the September issue on Roger Ibbotson's research into the amazing premium the stock market would appear to accord illiquid equities. I recently followed up by asking Dr. Ibbotson what were the ...

  8. NASCAR-Themed Fund Runs Out of Fuel

    Plus, American Beacon introduces a new fund, Fidelity cuts B shares, and more.

  9. Moats around Small Castles

    Use this screen to suss out small firms with economic moats and great valuations.


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