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  1. When Is Good Financial Advice Most Important?

    Solid advice, beyond just portfolio planning, is particularly important for pre-retirees who have a number of crucial, irrevocable decisions to make.

  2. 4 Reasons Not to Own the Market Portfolio

    There are valid reasons to take a different approach.

  3. Should You Own the Market Portfolio?

    Two Nobel Laureates, two answers.

  4. The Fundamentals of Fundamental Indexing

    Should investors consider fundamentally weighted strategies?

  5. Contrarian Rebalancing Gives This Earnings-Focused ETF an Edge

    WisdomTree MidCap Earnings' rebalancing approach should keep its valuation in check.

  6. Build Savings to Expand Wealth

    Contributions have the greatest effect on investors achieving their goals.

  7. Gain International Value Stock Exposure With This Fundamentally Weighted ETF

    This international fund bets on valuation mean reversions by severing the link between a stock's price and its portfolio weight.

  8. Is It Science or Is It Baloney?

    We try to distinguish good active strategies from flashes in the pan.

  9. Confronting the Anomalies of Investing

    What behavioral finance teaches about investments, and investors.

  10. Roger Ibbotson, Benoit Mandelbrot, and George Cooper

    Our distinguished economics panel debates the value of current risk models.

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