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  1. Alternative Returns Are in the Right Ballpark

    Hitting singles and doubles is the way alternatives should play the game, and investors should not expect a gain of 20%-30% from these vehicles, says Alpha Capital manager Brad Alford.

  2. Why Retirement Plans Are Targeting Alternatives

    Volatility and changing demographics have target-date fund and defined-contribution plan managers considering alternatives as hedging tools against fixed-income rate risk, says Arden manager Henry Davis.

  3. Kick the Dogs

    It doesn't pay to be patient with losers.

  4. Following the Smart Money to Alpha

    TFS' Eric Newman, whose team earned Alternative Managers of the Year honors, says watching for insider signals mainly in small caps allowed their fund to pull in the best absolute return in its category in 2012.

  5. Why Alternatives Investors Should Target Minimum Allocations

    Van Eck's David Schassler focuses on multialternative strategies for his clients and says any alternative allocation lower than 10% enters into 'why bother?' territory.

  6. Morningstar Conference 2012

    Morningstar's article, blog, and video coverage of the 2012 Investment Conference.

  7. How to Better Manage Your Clients' Future(s)

    Managed-futures strategies--now available to normal investors--can diversify traditional portfolios.

  8. Morningstar Conference 2012

    Morningstar.com's article, blog, and video coverage of the 2012 Investment Conference.

  9. Morningstar.com's Diversifiers & Alternatives Week

    March 19-23: Tips and picks for diversifying your stock and bond holdings and getting a handle on alternative investments.

  10. These Long-Short Funds Have Recently Fallen Short

    During the most recent market downturn, a handful of offerings did not stand their ground.

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