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  1. Jack Bogle’s Latest: Basic Math

    The smartest people don’t necessarily run the best funds.

  2. Why Fund Costs Are Dropping

    Vanguard is a big reason, but not the only one.

  3. The Sad Tale of Concentrated Value Funds

    They need index fund competitors.

  4. The Third Wave of Indexing

    Targeted index funds are coming.

  5. How Much Do You Pay Each Year in Fund Fees?

    The answer is worth knowing.

  6. Target-Date Funds: Getting Cheaper in a Hurry

    The most investor-friendly segment of the fund industry.

  7. How Unintended Consequences Can Affect the Stock Market

    There are now more reasons to worry about market glitches, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense to avoid stocks.

  8. Sequoia Fund Symbolizes What Was, But No Longer Is

    Mutual fund management ain’t what it used to be. 

  9. The Style Police Were Right

    Those stock funds that moved less, profited more.

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