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  1. The SEC's Derivatives Proposal

    A solution in search of a problem?

  2. Do Declining Oil Prices Signal a Problem for Stocks?

    They have not generally, but that might be changing.

  3. The Myth of 'Where to Index?'

    The evidence is mostly spurious.

  4. Common Questions (and Answers) for Uncommon Markets

    Five frequently asked questions for shell-shocked fund investors.

  5. Where's the Payoff for Active Investing?

    Active U.S. stock funds haven't dodged the downturn.

  6. A Bit of Good News

    The yield-curve indicator is not flashing...yet.

  7. With Indexing, Being Dumb Can Be Smart

    It may not be wise to seek the single "best" approach.

  8. The New 401(k) Argument: Vanguard Costs Too Much

    So, apparently, do some index funds.

  9. The Big Short, Partial Truths, and Market Bubbles

    The film is right, yet it is wrong.

  10. What's Wrong with High-Frequency Trading?

    Some things, but perhaps not what you think.

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