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  1. Is Being Good the Secret to Being Great?

    Not, it seems, with stock mutual funds.

  2. Three Lessons From Yale's Endowment Fund

    Everyday investors will not wish to copy the famed pension funds, but they can pick up some tips.

  3. Can a Fund Be Too Institutional?

    Intel is about to find out.

  4. Bogle: Stocks 6%, Bonds 3%

    Bogle’s forecasts may not be reliable guides for any specified time period, but they will likely be close to the mark over the longer term.

  5. Why Growth Stocks Are Winning

    Surprisingly, the reason relates to income inequality.

  6. What's Uber Worth?

    Probably not what your fund company says.

  7. Are U.S. Stocks Overripe?

    The evidence from three indicators.

  8. Some Things Don't Change

    On 401(k) fees, ESG strategies, and smart beta.

  9. Financial Advice Is Improving Across the Board

    Why the trend is your friend.

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