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  1. An Option Recipe for Volatile Times

    Depressed stock prices and increased market volatility can be a great combination for income-seekers to sell puts, says Morningstar OptionInvestor editor Erik Kobayashi-Solomon .

  2. How to Avoid Hedging Pitfalls

    Although hedging offers a form of portfolio insurance, investors often mistime the market and mistake asset-allocation woes as hedging problems, says Morningstar's Erik Kobayashi-Solomon .

  3. 'Bernanke Put' Props Up the Market

    As negative headlines continue to roll in, a market upswing suggests investors are expecting more stimulus action from the Fed.

  4. Option Spotlight: ETF Options for Euroskeptics

    European hope springs eternal, but the problems there are far from solved.

  5. How to Sell Covered Calls

    This popular option strategy has the potential to add some income to portfolios.

  6. How to Use a 'Collar'

    Now that you've got covered calls down, it's time to get some protection.

  7. Our Outlook for the Market

    Even if the economy is not off to the races, we think the stock market can do well in 2012.

  8. Third Quarter in Stocks: Volatility Returns to the Markets

    Subprime and housing woes lead to wider asset repricing.

  9. The Time Might be Right for BuyWrite

    Options for profiting in the "new normal."

  10. Things Fall Apart, Even in Industrials

    Wear, tear, and competition will drive a comeback in this sector.

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