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Make Less Money, Take More Risk?John Rekenthaler05/24/2016
3 Lessons From Hedge Funds’ Rise and (Partial) FallJohn Rekenthaler05/20/2016
Index Funds Are Good Corporate Governors: Who Knew?John Rekenthaler05/17/2016
Rekenthaler's Sunday Reader MailbagJohn Rekenthaler05/15/2016
An Attractive Vanguard Dividend Fund Turns 10Katie Rushkewicz Reichart, CFA05/15/2016
Hollywood Fibs About Wall StreetJohn Rekenthaler05/13/2016
Why Strategic Beta Makes SenseJohn Rekenthaler05/10/2016
The DOL's Fiduciary Rule: Better Late Than NeverJohn Rekenthaler05/06/2016
Jack Bogle’s Latest: Basic MathJohn Rekenthaler05/03/2016
Sequoia Reopens to New InvestorsKevin McDevitt04/29/2016
Why Fund Costs Are DroppingJohn Rekenthaler04/29/2016
The Sad Tale of Concentrated Value FundsJohn Rekenthaler04/26/2016
The Third Wave of IndexingJohn Rekenthaler04/25/2016
How Much Do You Pay Each Year in Fund Fees?John Rekenthaler04/20/2016
Buy the Best, Perform the WorstJohn Rekenthaler04/15/2016
Regulating Risk Proves ToughScott Cooley04/14/2016
Target-Date Funds: Getting Cheaper in a HurryJohn Rekenthaler04/12/2016
Sequoia Fund Symbolizes What Was, But No Longer IsJohn Rekenthaler04/08/2016
How Unintended Consequences Can Affect the Stock MarketJohn Rekenthaler04/06/2016
The Style Police Were RightJohn Rekenthaler04/01/2016
Strategic Beta Is Active ManagementJohn Rekenthaler03/31/2016
One Vanguard, Many DFAsJohn Rekenthaler03/30/2016
The Curse of Benchmarks, Part IIJohn Rekenthaler03/25/2016
Goldfarb Steps Down at SequoiaKevin McDevitt, CFA03/25/2016
Do Benchmarks Distort the Markets?John Rekenthaler03/23/2016
What, Exactly, Is a Flexible Fund?John Rekenthaler03/18/2016
Valeant Stake Continues to Cost SequoiaKevin McDevitt, CFA03/16/2016
Is the Quant Fund Rally Fading?Greg Carlson03/15/2016
Last Year Was Easy for Stock InvestorsJohn Rekenthaler03/15/2016
No, Flexible-Stock Funds Are Not BetterJohn Rekenthaler03/14/2016
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