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Article Archive Alex Bryan

Factors 101Spotlight04/10/2014
Being Smart About Strategic BetaSpotlight04/10/2014
The Buyback FundInvestment Insights03/21/2014
The Default PortfolioInvestment Insights03/19/2014
Discipline Gives DFA Its EdgeInvestment Insights02/25/2014
Low Volatility AbroadInvestment Insights01/24/2014
Does the Small-Cap Premium Exist?Investment Insights01/22/2014
The Missing PieceInvestment Insights12/13/2013
Dividends--A Better Approach to Value?Investment Insights12/11/2013
An Attractive European ETF for Intrepid InvestorsInvestment Insights10/29/2013
Getting Smart About So-Called Smart BetaInvestment Insights10/23/2013
The New Dow Jones Industrial AverageInvestment Insights09/13/2013
Hidden Value in Small-Cap DividendsInvestment Insights08/30/2013
The Hidden Risk of Investing in Stable CompaniesInvestment Insights08/28/2013
An ETF Where Value and Investment Merit MeetInvestment Insights07/05/2013
A Fresh Look at CommoditiesInvestment Insights07/03/2013
Profitability MattersInvestment Insights06/04/2013
Growth Gets Better With SizeInvestment Insights05/31/2013
Small Value's Best BargainInvestment Insights04/12/2013
Does Momentum Investing Work?Investment Insights04/10/2013
Fixing Growth IndexesInvestment Insights02/26/2013
Active Returns With Passive DisciplineInvestment Insights02/22/2013
An ETF for Growing AppetitesInvestment Insights10/26/2012
Dividends or Share Buybacks: A Taxing DilemmaInvestment Insights10/23/2012
ETF Opportunity in the Undervalued Natural-Resources SectorInvestment Insights10/05/2012
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