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Article Archive Alex Bryan

The Conservative Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFInvestment Insights11/11/2016
Harnessing Momentum With IndexesInvestment Insights11/09/2016
High Dividends With Less RiskInvestment Insights10/07/2016
Indexing in Less-Efficient MarketsInvestment Insights10/05/2016
Avoid Leveraged and Inverse ETFsInvestment Insights09/14/2016
A Broadly Diversified Value Portfolio at a Rock-Bottom FeeInvestment Insights09/09/2016
ETFs That Take Some of the Volatility Out of Foreign StocksInvestment Insights08/31/2016
Quality at a Low CostInvestment Insights08/19/2016
Most Investors Probably Won't Outperform This Simple PortfolioInvestment Insights08/17/2016
Concentrated Exposure to Industry LeadersInvestment Insights08/05/2016
Better Bond ETFs?Investment Insights08/04/2016
Cheap Exposure to Small-Growth StocksInvestment Insights07/22/2016
Making Contrarian Investing WorkInvestment Insights07/20/2016
An ETF for Growing AppetitesInvestment Insights07/08/2016
Unintended Biases in ESG Index FundsInvestment Insights07/06/2016
There's Value in This High-Dividend ETFInvestment Insights06/24/2016
Finding Your Sweet Spot Along the Dividend SpectrumInvestment Insights06/23/2016
A Dynamic Currency-Hedged Stock StrategyInvestment Insights06/03/2016
Defensive ETFs: Too Good to Be True?Investment Insights05/04/2016
A Distinctive Dividend-Growth ETFInvestment Insights04/27/2016
An Unconventional Play on ValueInvestment Insights03/17/2016
An Unconventional Play on ValueInvestment Insights03/04/2016
A Closer Look at Multifactor ETFsInvestment Insights03/02/2016
Defensive Exposure to Small-Cap StocksInvestment Insights01/08/2016
More-Palatable Approaches to Adding Foreign Fare to Your PlateInvestment Insights01/06/2016
Winning Funds Often Flame OutInvestment Insights01/05/2016
Cheap Exposure to Mid-Cap Value StocksInvestment Insights11/27/2015
What's Behind Your Bond Fund's Returns?Investment Insights11/25/2015
In Search of Tax EfficiencyInvestment Insights11/05/2015
The Sector-Neutral Value ETFInvestment Insights10/16/2015
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