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A Closer Look at Fiduciary Status Under ERISAW. Scott Simon12/01/2011
A Closer Look at a New Weapon in the Fiduciary WarsW. Scott Simon10/02/2014
A Closer Look at the Braden v. Wal-Mart CaseW. Scott Simon02/02/2012
A Closer Look at the Fiduciary Governance Structure in Tussey v. ABBW. Scott Simon09/06/2012
A Conversation with a FiduciaryMatthew D. Hutcheson06/07/2007
A Higher StandardSheryl Rowling10/14/2016
A Taxing Investment Issue for FiduciariesW. Scott Simon12/04/2014
A Way Around Costly 403(b) PlansW. Scott Simon06/10/2015
Alternative Takeaways for Nonprofit FiduciariesW. Scott Simon04/04/2013
An Alternative to a Bundled Retirement PlanW. Scott Simon07/09/2012
Anatomy of a No-BrainerW. Scott Simon04/03/2014
Breaking Down the 3 Key Elements of the DOL Fiduciary RuleW. Scott Simon01/05/2017
Broker-Dealers and Other Non-Fiduciaries as Fiduciaries?W. Scott Simon09/03/2009
Broker-Dealers and Other Non-Fiduciaries as Fiduciaries? (Part 2)W. Scott Simon11/05/2009
Case Highlights the Perils of Revenue SharingW. Scott Simon01/06/2011
Case Highlights the Perils of Revenue Sharing (Part 2)W. Scott Simon02/03/2011
Case Shines Spotlight on Bundled Retirement PlansW. Scott Simon06/11/2012
Concerning a Third-Party ERISA Section 3(38) Investment ManagerW. Scott Simon03/06/2014
Crooks Lick Their Chops Over 'Crowdfunding' BillMercer Bullard11/22/2011
DOL's Fiduciary Proposal Misses the MarkMercer Bullard06/14/2011
Dear Ms. Miller: The Fiduciary Model and Your Company's Retirement PlanW. Scott Simon12/03/2015
Delegation for Plan SponsorsW. Scott Simon04/02/2009
Delegation for Plan Sponsors (Part 2)W. Scott Simon05/07/2009
Delegation for Plan Sponsors (Part 3)W. Scott Simon06/04/2009
Delegation for Plan Sponsors (Part 4)W. Scott Simon07/02/2009
Disclosure: The Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an EnigmaW. Scott Simon08/07/2015
Disclosures and Knowing ConsentW. Scott Simon06/05/2014
Discretionary Trustees vs. Directed TrusteesW. Scott Simon01/05/2012
Fiduciaries, Look to the Law of Trusts as Your GuideW. Scott Simon05/04/2017
Fiduciary Definition Has Another Charlie Brown MomentW. Scott Simon03/05/2015
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