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529s and MedicaidCollege Savings Educator04/26/2013
Caveats Remain on Trust-Owned 529sCollege Savings Educator01/25/2013
Bankruptcy Protection and 529 AccountsCollege Savings Educator10/26/2012
Matching 529 Distributions with ExpensesCollege Savings Educator07/26/2012
529 Contributions and the Five-Year ElectionCollege Savings Educator09/23/2011
Beneficiary in the Dark on 529 AccountCollege Savings Educator07/29/2011
Changing 529 Account OwnersCollege Savings Educator04/22/2011
529s and Generation-Skipping TrustsCollege Savings Educator07/23/2010
End-of-Year 529 TimingCollege Savings Educator03/26/2010
529 Plans Versus Shared Crummey Trusts for ChildrenCollege Savings Educator10/23/2009
529 Plans Versus Crummey Trusts for Single BeneficiariesCollege Savings Educator09/25/2009
529 Plans Versus 2503(c) TrustsCollege Savings Educator08/28/2009
IRA Withdrawals for Qualified Higher Education ExpensesCollege Savings Educator07/31/2009
Estate Taxes and the Five-Year ElectionCollege Savings Educator05/15/2009
Make College Affordable Despite the DownturnCollege Savings Educator04/24/2009
College Expenses and the Stimulus PackageCollege Savings Educator03/27/2009
College Planning Q&A: 529 Changes and the Market ClimateCollege Savings Educator12/19/2008
College Planning Q&A: UTMA Funds and CoverdellsCollege Savings Educator10/24/2008
College Planning Q&A: Advance Payment and QHEEsCollege Savings Educator09/26/2008
College Planning Q&A: 529s as IRA Beneficiaries?College Savings Educator07/25/2008
College Planning Q&A: Distribution DefinitionsCollege Savings Educator05/23/2008
College Planning Q&A: The Accelerated Gift Option and 529sCollege Savings Educator03/28/2008
College Planning Q&A: Looking at Proposed 529 RevisionsCollege Savings Educator02/22/2008
College Planning Q&A: Beneficiary Changes and GiftingCollege Savings Educator01/25/2008
College Planning Q&A: 529s and DivorceCollege Savings Educator12/28/2007
College Planning Q&A: 529s with Deceased TrusteesCollege Savings Educator11/16/2007
College Planning Q&A: Improvements in Illinois Mirror National TrendsCollege Savings Educator09/28/2007
College Planning Q&A: Making Charitable Gifts With UTMA AssetsCollege Savings Educator08/24/2007
College Planning Q&A: Determining the Best Savings VehicleCollege Savings Educator07/27/2007
College Planning Q&A: Loan Repayment Not a Qualified ExpenseCollege Savings Educator06/22/2007
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