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Article Archive Samuel Lee

Why Passive Investing Makes Even More Sense in Inefficient MarketsInvestment Insights01/30/2015
How Do Fidelity's New Bond Exchange-Traded Funds Stack Up?Investment Insights01/20/2015
Why Conventional Commodity Indexes Will Likely DisappointInvestment Insights12/11/2014
A Deep-Value Quantitative Hedge Fund StrategyInvestment Insights11/21/2014
The Uses and Misuses of the Style BoxInvestment Insights11/19/2014
Still Excellent Without Bill GrossInvestment Insights11/14/2014
What Robo-Advisors Really Bring to the TableInvestment Insights11/12/2014
Is Quality Cheap?Investment Insights10/14/2014
Finding the Right Advisor or TrusteeInvestment Insights08/26/2014
The Trouble With Discount RatesInvestment Insights08/12/2014
Diversification for the Sake of DiversificationInvestment Insights08/01/2014
Scrounging for Yield Is DangerousInvestment Insights07/08/2014
Faber: Why Market-Cap Weighting Falls ShortInvestment Insights06/24/2014
The Right Reason to Buy Into Vanguard's Classic Dividend StrategyInvestment Insights06/13/2014
The Best Fixed-Income InvestmentInvestment Insights06/11/2014
The Inner Workings of a Quant Contrarian StrategyInvestment Insights06/10/2014
A Strategy With Literally Fantastic ReturnsInvestment Insights05/16/2014
Levels of ThinkingInvestment Insights05/13/2014
Buybacks: Another Name for QualityInvestment Insights05/06/2014
A Come-to-Buffett MomentInvestment Insights04/29/2014
Yield Sucker BetInvestment Insights04/25/2014
Understanding Intrinsic ValueInvestment Insights04/23/2014
Capital Destruction, Inc.Investment Insights04/01/2014
A Better Fundamental IndexInvestment Insights03/25/2014
Buffett's Latest LetterInvestment Insights03/18/2014
Understanding Factor ModelsInvestment Insights02/26/2014
Understanding FactorsInvestment Insights02/25/2014
What I Learned From Ray DalioInvestment Insights02/11/2014
Best IdeasInvestment Insights01/17/2014
How Hegemons FallInvestment Insights01/14/2014
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