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Article Archive Justin A. Reckers and Robert A. Simon

'Mental Accounting' in College Funding for CouplesPractice Builder01/20/2011
Alimony...Once More With FeelingPractice Builder08/15/2013
Are American Policymakers Using Behavioral Economics Against Us?Practice Builder11/17/2011
Be an Architect of Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder10/21/2010
Behavioral Finance and Life InsurancePractice Builder02/17/2011
Behavioral Finance and Long-Term Care InsurancePractice Builder03/17/2011
Client Money Personalities: The 'Entrepreneur'Practice Builder03/22/2012
Client Personalities and Behavioral BiasPractice Builder05/17/2012
Cognitive Bias in Financial Negotiations of DivorcePractice Builder12/16/2010
Economically Rational Holiday ShoppingPractice Builder10/20/2011
Emotional Decision-Making Can Be IrrationalPractice Builder06/17/2010
Extroverted Versus Introverted Clients and Their Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder06/28/2012
Financial Advisors as Architects of Decision-MakingPractice Builder05/20/2010
How Is a Money Personality Developed?Practice Builder02/16/2012
How Neuroscience Supports a Fiduciary StandardPractice Builder05/19/2011
How Professional Biases Can Cloud Your JudgmentPractice Builder07/21/2011
How Your Clients Can Ruin Even the Best-Laid PlansPractice Builder08/18/2011
Ideal Situations for Behavioral FinancePractice Builder11/18/2010
January: Divorce MonthPractice Builder01/31/2013
Judging Versus Perceiving Tendencies and Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder10/03/2012
Personality and FinancePractice Builder04/19/2012
Resolving the Aversion to Estate PlanningPractice Builder04/21/2011
Sensing Versus Intuitive Clients and Their Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder07/23/2012
Should You Change a Client's Behavior or Adapt to It?Practice Builder09/16/2010
The Benefits of a Financial NudgePractice Builder06/16/2011
The Blue Screen of Death in Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder09/15/2011
The Difference Between Cognitive and Emotional BiasesPractice Builder08/19/2010
The Emotional Impact of DivorcePractice Builder09/27/2013
The Pride of Ownership in Financial Decision-MakingPractice Builder12/15/2011
The Pride of Ownership in the American DreamPractice Builder01/19/2012
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