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Are We Ready to Retire Yet?Practice Builder03/06/2014
New Considerations (and Opportunities) After 'Windsor'Practice Builder02/07/2014
The Impact of the Windsor CasePractice Builder01/23/2014
Know the Rules on Private Placement Variable Product SalesPractice Builder11/07/2013
Private Placement Variable Products: Onshore vs. OffshorePractice Builder10/03/2013
A Primer on Private Placement Variable ProductsPractice Builder09/05/2013
NARAB Is Back Again--MaybePractice Builder04/04/2013
Social Media--Business Tool or Compliance TrapPractice Builder03/07/2013
Taxes: Another Shoe Will Always DropPractice Builder02/07/2013
Income Annuities: A Coming TrendPractice Builder12/06/2012
An Update on Contingent Deferred AnnuitiesPractice Builder11/01/2012
Business Insurance May Be the Best Hedge in Uncertain TimesPractice Builder10/04/2012
The Impact of Federal Income Tax Laws on Life Insurance and AnnuitiesPractice Builder09/06/2012
Designing a Compliance Program in Changing TimesPractice Builder08/02/2012
Even the Government Has Discovered AnnuitiesPractice Builder07/05/2012
Additional Uses for Cash-Value Life InsurancePractice Builder06/07/2012
FINRA or the SEC: Who Will Regulate Advisors?Practice Builder05/03/2012
The Trials and Tribulations of the Variable Annuity BusinessPractice Builder04/05/2012
Time to Rethink Cash-Value Life InsurancePractice Builder03/01/2012
So, You Are Going to Be a Fiduciary!Practice Builder02/02/2012
Sorting Out the Details on Contingent Deferred AnnuitiesPractice Builder12/02/2011
FINRA and Indexed AnnuitiesPractice Builder07/07/2011
Annuity Exchange Transactions Raise QuestionsPractice Builder06/07/2011
Annuity Settlement Options: How to Decide?Practice Builder05/12/2011
Licensing LabyrinthPractice Builder04/07/2011
No Easy Solutions to the Long-Term-Care ParadoxPractice Builder03/03/2011
The Tangled Web of 'Uniform Fiduciary Standards'Practice Builder03/03/2011
Whistle-Blowing--Is It Safe?Practice Builder12/02/2010
Everybody's Getting Into the ActPractice Builder11/04/2010
May You Live in Interesting TimesPractice Builder10/21/2010
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