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Alternative Investments

Quarterly Alternatives Newsletter

Morningstar's quarterly Alternative Investments Observer brings you the latest in alternative investment research trends, facts, and figures. Accredited investors can access more hedge fund research in the accredited-investor version of the newsletter, available in Morningstar DirectTM.

  1. AIO Q1 2017 (Non-Accredited Investor Version)

    In this issue, our cover story focuses on absolute return funds not hitting their mark. We investigate whether target-return funds do as they say.

  2. AIO Q3 2016 (Non-Accredited Investor Version)

    In this issue, our cover story introduces a new research framework for alternative strategies: The Morningstar Style Box for Alternative Funds.

  3. AIO Q1 2015 (Non-Accredited Investor Version)

    In this issue, we focus our attention on managed-futures funds, a category that has grown five-fold in the number of strategies available to investors since 2009. In our cover story, alternative strategies analyst Jason Kephart conducts a deep dive into Morningstar’s managed-futures category. In ...

Alternative Investment Guidebooks

  1. Currencies

    This handbook breaks down the various currency strategies, including passive versus active and directional versus non-directional. Learn why investors might want to diversify their currency exposure and how to go about doing it.

  2. Market Neutral

    This handbook deconstructs the complicated world of market-neutral equity and arbitrage strategies. Equity market neutral funds match the characteristics of their long and short portfolios, keeping factors such as sector and style exposure similar, and relying on stock-picking to drive performance. ...

  3. Managed Futures

    Funds in this category take long and short positions primarily in futures contracts based on trend-following or price-momentum strategies. This handbook explains everything that you need to know about managed futures strategies, which are now available in mutual funds and ETFs, and how they may ...

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