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  1. Ready, Fire, Aim: The ETF Industry Blasts Its Spaghetti Cannon

    Though there are now over 1,900 exchange-traded products to choose from, most of us could build a perfectly suitable, low-cost portfolio selecting a small handful of the 100 largest.

  2. Why Are Primecap Funds So Sustainable?

    These Gold-rated funds have Morningstar Sustainability Ratings of High despite not explicitly trying to do so.

  3. Municipal CEFs: Hold the Door

    The threat of rising rates caused a brief sell-off in municipal bond CEFs in May. Plus, muni CEFs aren't as expensive as they look. 

  4. ESG + ETF = BFFs?

    Investor demographics are slowly turning in favor of the pairing of impact-oriented strategies and the exchange-traded fund chassis, and investors' need for relevant analytics is growing as a result.

  5. Mind the Gap 2016

    What factors lead to better investment timing?

  6. Tax-Refund System Hinders Savings in U.S.

    Workers think of refunds as a license to spend.

  7. Hidden Dangers in Estate Documents

    Periodically reviewing wills, power of attorney, and other estate-planning documents goes a long way toward protecting your older clients.

  8. Power Players

    New research lends greater insights into how utilities gain and hold their competitive advantages.

  9. Fighting the Right War

    The focus shifts to portfolio construction.

  10. The Impact of Investors' Bad Behaviors

    Investor returns shed light on the implications of chasing performance or selling at the wrong time.

Recent Videos

  1. Weekly Wrap: Uncertainty on the Way for U.K. Banks

    Plus, our take on Tesla's move to vertically integrate, and Facebook's investment to defend its moat.

  2. A Spin-Off to Watch

    Versum Materials has good business prospects and a sturdy economic moat, but the stock may stumble out of the gate, says Morningstar's David Silver.

  3. The First Stop for Bargain-Hunters: Wide Moat Names

    An indiscriminate sell-off could put some quality companies on sale, but investors must be patient, given the near-term uncertainty surrounding the Brexit vote, says Morningstar's Alex Morozov.

  4. How Should Investors React to Brexit Result?

    Investors need to keep cool calm heads amid political and financial uncertainty following the Brexit vote, says Dan Kemp of Morningstar Investment Management.

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Recent Articles

  1. John Oliver Drop Kicks 401(k) Plans

    But he nabs the wrong villain.

  2. There's Value in This High-Dividend ETF

    This low-cost exchange-traded fund offers an attractive yield while diversifying risk.

  3. Large-Growth Funds and Sustainability: A Closer Look

    We examine high-rated and low-rated funds through our sustainability lens.

  4. Investing by Accident

    Active managers’ biggest problem is not performance, but rather in investor expectations.

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