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  1. Retirees Need Help Converting Savings into Income

    U.S. policymakers can learn a lot from other countries' approaches.

  2. A New Way to Interpret Equity Risk

    Our risk model helps investors spot the factors that influence returns.

  3. Permanent Tax Savings and Techniques

    At times, it’s worth deviating from a strategy to save on taxes.

  4. Recency Bias: Getting Clients Past the Rearview Mirror

    This tool can help investors see the perils of performance chasing.

  5. Designing Variable Compensation for Your Team

    A variable compensation plan can reward and incentivize while also transferring some salary risk to employees.

  6. Do-It-Yourself Waiver of Rollover Deadline

    New self-certification procedure will enable some investors to issue their own hardship waivers of the 60-day rollover deadline.

  7. The Future and the Past of Performance

    It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that more expensive non-institutional share classes will underperform lower-cost, but otherwise identical, institutional shares after fees.

  8. Why I Hated Prospecting

    And a surprising solution for acquiring new clients.

  9. The Wrong Time to Fire a Fund

    When the market changes, but the fund does not.

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  1. Supply Constraints Ding Apple

    A shortage of the larger iPhone 7 Plus is the biggest driver behind Apple's disappointing holiday-quarter guidance, says Morningstar's Brian Colello.

  2. Utah Educational Savings Plan Is an Attractive Option

    This flexible 529 plan's diverse lineup and reasonable fees earn it a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold.

  3. Timing and Emotions Can Cloud Plans to Save for College

    Vanguard's Maria Bruno offers a framework to help tackle college saving strategically during an emotional period.

  4. Don’t Expect a Sustained Recovery in Oil Prices Soon

    The lack of an actual OPEC agreement to cut production and the potency of U.S. shale mean a recovery in oil prices isn't likely to occur until 2018, says Morningstar's Preston Caldwell.

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Recent Articles

  1. A Higher Standard

    When acting in clients’ best interest, RIAs may need to ramp up fiduciary compliance activities. 

  2. Two Accounts, Same Amounts, but Different RMDs for Surviving Spouse

    Unlike other tax-deferred account types, IRAs have a unique 'minimum distribution rule' for surviving spouses.

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