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  1. The Ins and Outs of the DOL’s Best Interest Contract Exemption

    The BICE gives some advisors a broad mandate in how they want to be compensated. Here's what you need to know.

  2. How to Help Clients Overcome Regret Aversion Bias

    Advisors not only help clients make good decisions, but they help them avoid making bad ones, too.

  3. IRA Annuities: Beware of Death Benefit Taxation

    When an immediate annuity is purchased inside an IRA, the IRA becomes subject to an entirely different set of RMD rules.

  4. How to Reduce Your Key-Person Risk

    Be prepared for inevitable change down the road by building flexibility and depth into your organization today.

  5. Low-Cost Exposure to the Consumer Discretionary Sector

    Its narrow focus and sector concentration make this ETF best-suited for use as a tactical tool to complement a diversified portfolio.

  6. The Limits of Investment Math

    For long-term investors, knowing higher math isn’t necessarily an advantage.

  7. Green Utilities?

    Morningstar incorporates ESG into its analysis and finds some surprises.

  8. Insights from an Anonymous External Investment Wholesaler

    How to balance managing businesses, managing portfolios, managing team members – and managing the rest of life.

  9. Is the Contrarian Bell Clanging for Stocks?

    At some point, investors will stop looking at the bright side.

  10. Announcing Morningstar's 2016 Fund Managers of the Year

    Check out the winners, and discover what makes them stand out.

Recent Videos

  1. A Market-Neutral Newcomer With Reasonable Fees

    Despite AQR Market Neutral's short track record, investors should keep it on their radars.

  2. Weekly Wrap: iPad Excitement and Optimism Over Nike

    We think Apple's new iPad will keep users in the iOS ecosystem ahead of the iPhone8 release. Plus, investors should wait on Nike, and Lennar shares are fully valued today.

  3. 4 Factors Driving the Market

    Morningstar's Bob Johnson sees these trends as being responsible for the shift in asset class performance so far this year.

  4. Cash-Gushing Union Pacific Looks Undervalued

    While most rails are fairly valued today, Union Pacific is trading at a discount, and it is poised to benefit from an intermodal recovery.

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Recent Articles

  1. Q4 2016 ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape

    Assets in Morningstar's database increased 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2016.

  2. How to Use a Business Assessment to Grow Your Practice

    This is the first in a series called The Financial Advisor's Business Bootcamp, which will help you analyze, organize, and grow your business.

  3. Who Is Buying Bond ETFs? Why Are They Buying Them?

    Investors are slowly waking up to the benefits of bond ETFs.

  4. Active Bond Funds Holding Their Own

    The latest update to the Morningstar active/passive barometer reveals that actively managed bond funds are much more likely to beat their benchmarks than equity funds.

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