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  1. Buying Software That Helps, Not Hinders

    Whether your software purchase is a big or small commitment, make sure it is the right one.

  2. Will Tax Reform Hit Retirement Contributions?

    A mandated shift to Roth-style plans would harm middle-class workers.

  3. The Perfect Storm for Active Stock-Fund Managers

    They have faced the stiffest possible headwinds.

  4. Indexing in America

    Tocqueville told us why it would take root in a democracy.

  5. Why Have Investors Bailed on Low-Volatility Funds?

    A bout of underperformance seems to have led many to jump ship.

  6. ETFs Aren't Always What They Seem

    The curious disappearance of the company called PureFunds.

  7. It's Groundhog Day (Again) for the U.S. Fund Industry

    Vanguard, BlackRock, and plain-vanilla indexes dominate the sales charts.

  8. The Dangers of Groupthink in Investing

    Why it's important for investors to have conviction--especially when going against the crowd.

  9. Catch 22 Situations With Retirement Plans

    Plan rules or tax laws don’t always mesh with client needs.

Recent Videos

  1. The Week Ahead: Will Salesforce's Momentum Continue?

    We're also watching for earnings from Toll Brothers, Lowe's, Tiffany, and HP. Plus, new and existing home sales and durable goods orders.

  2. General Mills: 120 Years of Commitment to Its Dividend

    We expect the firm to continue to grow its payout, but there are intense competitive pressures in the packaged foods space.

  3. Reflections on 9 Years of Economic Analysis

    As Bob Johnson wraps up his time at Morningstar, he looks back at what he's learned about the best way to watch the economy.

  4. Wal-Mart Margins Will Remain Under Pressure

    Even with a strong sales performance, continued investments will drag the retailer's profitability below historical levels.

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Recent Articles

  1. Performance Fees: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

    The current approach to levying fees is outmoded and in need of change.

  2. The Effect of Framing on Financial Decision-Making

    People respond differently to options based how the options are presented. That matters for your clients.

  3. The Perils of Funds That Narrowly Target High-Yielding Stocks

    Putting too much emphasis on dividend yield can harm the total return of your equity income investment.

  4. Are Index Funds Too Soft on CEOs?

    Let's look at the argument that indexers fail with corporate governance.

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