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  1. 4 Ways to Improve Your Sales Skills

    Successful financial advisors are great sales people.

  2. Bonds Are Riskier Than You Think

    There are times—many times—in which bonds can be more dangerous than stocks.

  3. Tax Advice for the President-Elect

    Trump has an important RMD decision to make for himself this year and could provide some much-needed tax reform for the rest of us, writes columnist Natalie Choate.

  4. A Better Bookkeeping Solution for Advisory Firms

    After outsourcing to a virtual accounting firm, we wish we'd done it sooner.

  5. The Squeeze on Active U.S. Stock Funds

    Progress has not been their friend.

  6. Is Private Company Ownership a Risk for Mutual Funds?

    A recent Morningstar study shows most funds tread lightly in private-firm investments.

  7. Who Does the DOL's Conflict of Interest Rule Apply To?

    Three elements must be present in order for the Rule to apply to an advisor communicating with a plan participant or an IRA owner.

  8. Investors Turn Toward Evidence

    The present (and future) of the fund industry: Investors are no longer willing to rely on fund-industry assurances.

  9. When Should You Change Your Passwords?

    Your clocks aren't the only things worth changing in the fall.

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  1. Silver-Rated CEF Is an Intriguing Alternative Income Option

    Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income produces more income and less volatility than a traditional S&P 500 fund, but its upside potential is limited.

  2. High Income? Don't Overlook These Savings Vehicles

    Morningstar's Christine Benz suggests wealthy investors consider backdoor IRAs, health-savings accounts, and 529 plans to maximize tax savings.

  3. Put Pilgrim's Pride on the Menu

    This chicken processor looks attractive today due to its significant opportunity in Mexico and as consumers continue to focus on healthier eating.

  4. The Week Ahead: Netflix, GE Report as Earnings Heat Up

    Earnings season enters full swing this week with more from banks, Netflix, GE, and railroads. Plus, watching for signs of inflation.

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Recent Articles

  1. T Shares Are Best for Some Investors

    Investors with smaller accounts who buy funds, stash them away, and then largely forget about them will be served well by T shares. 

  2. This Low-Cost, High-Quality Dividend ETF Earns High Marks

    Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF is one of our favorite equity-income funds.

  3. 2 Stumpers Explained: RMD for Deceased Employee and NUA Treatment

    Knowing the rules is more than a good idea--it may also be a legal requirement for advisors.

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