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  1. China Opens 'A' Door for Foreign Investors

    Index funds are likely to add China A-Shares in the coming years.

  2. Fund Managers and Performance Bonuses

    If you kick a mule, will it become a racehorse?

  3. Taking Action Against Status Quo Bias

    Because clients are often biased against change, advisors have to nudge them to take action when needed.

  4. What Goes In Your IRA? None of Your Small Business!

    Tax Court ruling makes operating your small business inside your IRA problematic and potentially very costly.

  5. Maintaining Your Level of Service: Implementing a Client Contact System

    A CCM can maximize the time you spend on high-value client contact while creating structured and rewarding mentorship opportunities for your junior advisors.

  6. 6 Active Mid-Cap Funds to Buy (or Keep)

    These Morningstar Medalists are among our favorites.

  7. The Argument About Time Diversification

    Should time horizon affect asset allocation?

  8. When Non-Fiduciaries Hold the Fiduciary Keys

    Some end-of-summer observations on suboptimal fiduciary set-ups, the 'incidental' issue in the fiduciary wars, and reflections on Tibble v Edison.

  9. Corporate Credit Spreads on the Rise

    In light of the increased compensation being offered by the asset class, we spotlight a corporate-bond ETF with limited interest-rate risk.

  10. Did Alternative Funds Stand Tall or Fall Down?

    Late August provided a stress-test.

Recent Videos

  1. Week Ahead: The First Reports of Earnings Season

    What we'll be looking for in PepsiCo, Alcoa, and Yum earnings, along with Fed minutes next week.

  2. Domestic Debt Is in 'Goldilocks' Territory

    Household, business, and federal-government debt growth is now relatively balanced and not too high or low, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  3. Friday Five: Market Pain, Little Gain for Bargain-Hunters

    The third quarter's sell-off didn't create countless bargains, but we do see select opportunities in health care and elsewhere. Plus, sizing up the iPhone launch, and more.

  4. The Upside of the Investor-Return Gap

    The flexibility that individual investors have to capture excess returns gives them an advantage over less-agile institutional investors, says Research Affiliates' Jason Hsu.

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Recent Articles

  1. Charley Ellis Foresees a 401(k) Crisis

    His advice for avoiding "grievous harm."

  2. Fixed-Income Investors: Face the Facts

    Current circumstances are a difficult pill to swallow for many bond investors, but that is no reason to offload your ballast, writes Morningstar’s Ben Johnson.

  3. Capital Group Stays at the Top Through Hard Work

    The equity side of American Funds' parent company remains among the best, and it's making strides with its fixed-income business.

  4. What You Need to Know About 'Strategic Beta'

    As these sometimes complex new funds continue to grow, investors need to be selective, writes Morningstar’s Ben Johnson.

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