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  1. It’s a Four-Bucket World

    The options for investors are greater than the mere active/passive choice.

  2. Mutual Funds Are (Mostly) Getting Better

    It's not your father's industry--thankfully.

  3. How to Take Required Distributions

    Decide which assets from which accounts and how charitable giving fits in.

  4. Cementing New Client Relationships With Effective Onboarding

    A fine-tuned onboarding process strengthens the advisor-client relationship and sets the stage for your continued level of service.

  5. Lessons From the Long Bull Market

    What most of us missed.

  6. More Downgrades Than Upgrades in July

    But there are four newly rated Morningstar Medalists.

  7. Mind the Gap 2015

    Why investors get less than their funds' total return.

  8. Are Consultants Hampering Active Management?

    Probably much less than the managers themselves believe.

  9. The Case for Core Bond Funds

    Bonds remain an important allocation for certain investors.

  10. Why Is Saving for Retirement So Hard?

    It's difficult for the human mind to compute the benefits of saving for tomorrow versus consuming today.

Recent Videos

  1. This Recent Upgrade Gets a Lot of Little Things Right

    Silver-rated JPMorgan US Equity is a fine core holding for the domestic-equity portion of a portfolio.

  2. Active vs. Passive Investing in Retirement

    Retirees can appreciate the low costs, tax efficiency, and simplicity of index funds, but active funds can be better choices in some parts of the market, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

  3. How Fast Do Markets Recover From a Swoon?

    Markets bounce back from event-based shocks much faster than big bear-market-related sell-offs.

  4. Go Active or Passive in Emerging Markets?

    For investors who are worried about overexposure to China's volatile market, active funds may be a better option, says Morningstar's Patty Oey.

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Recent Articles

  1. Did Alternative Funds Stand Tall or Fall Down?

    Late August provided a stress-test.

  2. Corporate Credit Spreads on the Rise

    In light of the increased compensation being offered by the asset class, we spotlight a corporate-bond ETF with limited interest-rate risk.

  3. Opportunity in the High-Yield Bond Market?

    Three options for a measured approach to junk bonds. 

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