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  1. Do Declining Oil Prices Signal a Problem for Stocks?

    They have not generally, but that might be changing.

  2. Winter Has Come for Alternative Funds

    January's stock market swoon puts a spotlight on liquid alternatives.

  3. The January Sell-Off and Your Mutual Funds

    A look at which funds took it on the chin and which remained unscathed.

  4. A Bit of Good News

    The yield-curve indicator is not flashing...yet.

  5. Helping Clients With the Transition to Retirement

    Thinking through both financial and non-financial issues, and following up, are key.

  6. With Indexing, Being Dumb Can Be Smart

    It may not be wise to seek the single "best" approach.

  7. Nominees for 2015 International-Stock Fund Manager of the Year

    These standouts weathered a tough year well, building on their strong histories.

  8. Tax Reporting for Your IRA

    Some forms you must file, but others you should file even if not required.

  9. Bring a Reality Check to Overconfident Clients

    Overconfident clients may underestimate downside risk and hold a concentrated stock portfolio, posing a serious hazard to their wealth.

  10. See the Big Picture: Overcoming Availability Bias

    Don't let the human tendency to mentally overemphasize recent, newsworthy events compromise advice to your client.

  11. Planning for the Dementia Factor in Retirement

    Consider these options if you think an IRA beneficiary may develop a mental disability.

  12. The Appeal of Sustainable Investing

    Amid a demographic shift, more investors want to have an impact.

Recent Videos

  1. A Better Gauge for Job Growth

    Looking at employment data year over year, using a three-month moving average, offers a clearer picture of the U.S. job market.

  2. Rising Rates and Your Bond Portfolio

    Determining how your portfolio will respond to rate movements is far from an exact science, but investors should be mindful of why they're holding bonds in the first place, says Morningstar's Eric Jacobson.

  3. Hobson: Black Investors Making Gains; More Work to Be Done

    Although workplace retirement plans have made a big difference, there's still a yawning gap between white and African-American investors when it comes to stock market participation, says Ariel's Mellody Hobson.

  4. Don't Be Disappointed by January's Job Report

    Last month's below-expectations headline growth number obscured a solid overall report, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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Recent Articles

  1. It’s a Start

    Labor Department takes a step to close retirement gap, but issues remain.

  2. 8 Top Fund Portfolios in Pictures

    Take a look at the buys and sells of some top funds across the Morningstar Style Box.

  3. Getting Clients Through Divorce

    Advisor Nancy Hetrick helps couples financially navigate marriage split-ups.

  4. Why Is Paris Upside Down?

    How technological developments become metaphors for change.

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