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  1. 12 No-Tax and Low-Tax Retirement Plan Distributions

    If a recipient qualifies for one of these deals, the distribution may be taxed more favorably than as a 100% taxable chunk of ordinary income.

  2. Can Skype for Business Replace Your Firm's Phone System?

    With new functionality added to Skype for Business, current Office 365 subscribers now have a turnkey business-class phone system available to them at a competitive price point.

  3. The Secret to Prudent Retirement Investing

    Give up on chasing and predicting returns. Manage risks and costs instead.

  4. The Futility of Chasing Returns

    There are a number of reasons why you should take presentations of outperformance with a grain of salt.

  5. Protecting Widowed Spouses From Gain on the Sale of Their Home

    Many widowed clients assume that they have lost the ability to use the full $500,000 exclusion upon the sale of their jointly owned home, but there are two ways to protect them from realizing all gains above their remaining exclusion.

  6. Annuity Inside an IRA: Know the Rules

    Although both immediate and deferred annuity contracts can be held in an IRA, they have very different consequences under the minimum distribution rules.

  7. The Active vs. Passive Framework, Updated

    Catching up with the times.

  8. Learning to Fly

    How investors can change their behavior and avoid costly portfolio mistakes.

  9. 2016 Morningstar Investment Conference

    Follow our annual Investment Conference with Morningstar.com's on-the-spot reports and one-on-one interviews with some of the industry's best investing minds.

  10. Protecting Against an Expensive Market

    Value investing, emerging markets, and preferred stocks.

  11. Ready, Fire, Aim: The ETF Industry Blasts Its Spaghetti Cannon

    Though there are now over 1,900 exchange-traded products to choose from, most of us could build a perfectly suitable, low-cost portfolio selecting a small handful of the 100 largest.

  12. Why Are Primecap Funds So Sustainable?

    These Gold-rated funds have Morningstar Sustainability Ratings of High despite not explicitly trying to do so.

  13. Municipal CEFs: Hold the Door

    The threat of rising rates caused a brief sell-off in municipal bond CEFs in May. Plus, muni CEFs aren't as expensive as they look. 

  14. ESG + ETF = BFFs?

    Investor demographics are slowly turning in favor of the pairing of impact-oriented strategies and the exchange-traded fund chassis, and investors' need for relevant analytics is growing as a result.

  15. Mind the Gap 2016

    What factors lead to better investment timing?

  16. Tax-Refund System Hinders Savings in U.S.

    Workers think of refunds as a license to spend.

Recent Videos

  1. This Strategic Beta ETF Ticks a Lot of Boxes

    With a low 0.09% fee, Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF looks to exploit time-tested factors in a fairly simple, highly transparent manner.

  2. Cameco: Our Top Mining Pick

    The narrow-moat company stands to benefit from an increase in uranium demand and is trading at a 40% discount to our fair value estimate.

  3. Are Active Managers Really Better in Less-Efficient Markets?

    Active outperformance isn't easy in any market but stands a better chance when fees are low.

  4. 7 Investing To-Dos for Retirees This Fall

    As summer winds down, retirees can undertake these tasks so their portfolios are in good shape before the end of the year.

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Recent Articles

  1. Hindsight Bias: Hazardous to Clients' Wealth

    Clients' tendency to fill in the gaps or suppress poor decisions often prevents them from learning from the past.

  2. Be Mindful of Rich Valuations in Low-Volatility Stocks

    What future returns can be expected?

  3. Where Do Bank-Loan Funds Go From Here?

    The bank-loan Morningstar Category has experienced volatile trends in flows over the past few years. 

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