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  1. Financial Planning’s Darkest Hour

    When politicians disengage from fiscal responsibility, it’s easier for others to do so, too.

  2. The Fund Winner Curse Is an Optical Illusion

    Just because winners decline doesn't make them a bad choice.

  3. IRS Blesses Tax-Free Roth Conversions

    The path has been cleared for tax-free Roth conversions of aftertax money in retirement plans for some individuals.

  4. Playing Defense

    A look at whether low-volatility ETFs make sense over the long haul.

  5. Lessons From the Bill Gross Saga

    The time was right.

  6. A Closer Look at a New Weapon in the Fiduciary Wars

    It just doesn't stand up to scrutiny, writes Scott Simon of Prudent Investor Advisors.

  7. PIMCO Funds Under Review Following Gross' Exit

    PIMCO's depth of resources means investors have time to reassess their options.

  8. Takeaways From the 2014 Morningstar ETF Conference

    Get new ETF-focused insights on strategic beta, dividend investing, emerging markets, and more from the 2014 Morningstar ETF Conference.

  9. The 5 Biases of Independent-Minded Investors

    Overemphasizing data that confirms your beliefs and over-reliance on readily available information top the list.

  10. Creating SOPs: You Can't Grow Without Them

    As your advisory grows, standard operating procedures become a necessity to maintain a high level of service.

  11. American Funds Adapts to Changing Markets

    Even the strongest have to evolve.

Recent Videos

  1. Saving College-Bound Kids From Financial Pitfalls

    Parents can help their college-age children monitor spending habits, avoid identity theft, and learn from their money mistakes.

  2. 3 Retiree Pitfalls in a Still-Lofty Market

    Beware the dangers of complacency, remember the virtues of defensive holdings, and resist the temptation to overreach for yield, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

  3. What the Market Turbulence Means for Investors

    Recent volatility should prompt investors to put their performance in perspective, check their exposures, and update their watchlists.

  4. Unemployment by Education Level: A Drastic Gap

    The unemployment rate is about three times higher for those with no high school diploma versus college graduates, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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Recent Articles

  1. Morningstar Names Best 529 College-Savings Plans for 2014

    Twenty-nine plans earn medals from Morningstar analysts.

  2. Opportunity in the World’s Roads, Railways, and Water Systems

    iShares Global Infrastructure provides a broad, inexpensive way to invest in global infrastructure.

  3. New Funds Generate More Excitement Than Results

    Putting new funds to the test.

  4. Improving the Odds in Active Management

    American Funds' new study makes the case for seeking funds with low fees and  high manager ownership.

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