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  1. Get the Picture on Framing Bias

    How you ask questions can have a profound impact on how your clients respond--and therefore how financial plans are implemented.

  2. These Formerly 'Fantastic' Funds Now Miss the Mark

    Expenses, manager changes, and lagging performance disqualify funds from an elite group.

  3. It’s a Four-Bucket World

    The options for investors are greater than the mere active/passive choice.

  4. Mutual Funds Are (Mostly) Getting Better

    It's not your father's industry--thankfully.

  5. How to Take Required Distributions

    Decide which assets from which accounts and how charitable giving fits in.

  6. Cementing New Client Relationships With Effective Onboarding

    A fine-tuned onboarding process strengthens the advisor-client relationship and sets the stage for your continued level of service.

  7. Lessons From the Long Bull Market

    What most of us missed.

  8. More Downgrades Than Upgrades in July

    But there are four newly rated Morningstar Medalists.

  9. Mind the Gap 2015

    Why investors get less than their funds' total return.

  10. Are Consultants Hampering Active Management?

    Probably much less than the managers themselves believe.

  11. The Case for Core Bond Funds

    Bonds remain an important allocation for certain investors.

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  1. 3 Funds That Delivered During the Sell-Off

    Medalists Fairholme, FPA Capital, and AMG Yacktman Focused outperformed during the market's recent correction, making good on their promise of downside protection.

  2. What's Behind China's Currency Devaluation?

    The two principal motives behind Beijing's decision to allow a freer-floating currency are an internationalized RMB and halting recent capital outflows, says Morningstar's Dan Rohr.

  3. 3 of the Best Small-Value Funds Today

    American Beacon Small Cap Value and Diamond Hill Small Cap are two strong active options that are still accepting new investors, while Vanguard Small Cap Value is a great passive choice, says Morningstar's Russ Kinnel.

  4. Will the Fed Be Faked Out by the August Jinx?

    Another disappointing August jobs report could derail the Fed's rate hike plans even though the data is likely to be revised later, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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Recent Articles

  1. When Non-Fiduciaries Hold the Fiduciary Keys

    Some end-of-summer observations on suboptimal fiduciary set-ups, the 'incidental' issue in the fiduciary wars, and reflections on Tibble v Edison.

  2. Did Alternative Funds Stand Tall or Fall Down?

    Late August provided a stress-test.

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