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Market Barometer

  1. How to Overcome the Threat Posed by Automated Investment Advice

    New tools and competitors are forcing advisors to more clearly define the value they provide to clients.

  2. The Effect of Framing on Financial Decision-Making

    People respond differently to options based how the options are presented. That matters for your clients.

  3. Moats in Practice

    Analysts discuss how they incorporate the moat methodology into their work.

  4. Are Index Funds Too Soft on CEOs?

    Let's look at the argument that indexers fail with corporate governance.

  5. Buying Software That Helps, Not Hinders

    Whether your software purchase is a big or small commitment, make sure it is the right one.

  6. Will Tax Reform Hit Retirement Contributions?

    A mandated shift to Roth-style plans would harm middle-class workers.

  7. The Perfect Storm for Active Stock-Fund Managers

    They have faced the stiffest possible headwinds.

  8. Indexing in America

    Tocqueville told us why it would take root in a democracy.

  9. Why Have Investors Bailed on Low-Volatility Funds?

    A bout of underperformance seems to have led many to jump ship.

  10. ETFs Aren't Always What They Seem

    The curious disappearance of the company called PureFunds.

Recent Videos

  1. A Versatile Core International Stock Fund

    Bronze-rated Fidelity International Discovery's distinctive, high-quality portfolio has helped it stand out versus its benchmark and peers.

  2. Higher Prices, Fewer Players in Long-Term Care Insurance

    A rapidly shifting landscape has pushed lower- and middle-income buyers out of the marketplace.

  3. Scana a Great Utility Value After Dropping Nuclear Project

    Scana trades at a 7% discount to our fair value estimate, well below others in the overvalued utilities sector.

  4. Mixed Impact From Storms for Homebuilders, Materials Firms

    After back-to-back hurricanes, there will be disruptions and opportunities in construction, but we don't expect changes to our fair value estimates.

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Recent Articles

  1. The Latest Salvo Against Indexing

    They lead to lazy CEOs and fat-cat profits.

  2. Kinnel: 43 Fantastic Funds

    A few good screens can whittle the whole fund universe to fewer than 50 funds.

  3. Nimble Moves Set This Investment-Grade Fund Apart

    Silver-rated Fidelity Investment Grade Bond’s long-tenured manager provides value through sector rotation and security selection.

  4. One of the Most Diversified Foreign-Stock Funds Available

    Vanguard Total International Stock ETF provides investors with a heavily diversified portfolio at a rock-bottom fee.

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