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  1. Potholes and Opportunities in Alternative Investments

    Morningstar and Barron's ninth survey sheds some much-needed light on alternative investment flows, usage, and allocations.

  2. Nibbling at Roth Conversions

    How to fund a Roth IRA with a minimum of pain.

  3. The Next Steps for K-12 403(b) Reform

    Advocate Steve Schullo says reform is moving in the right direction, but there is more work to do.

  4. 2015 Morningstar Investment Conference

    Follow our annual Investment Conference with Morningstar.com's on-the-spot reports and one-on-one interviews with some of the industry's best investing minds.

  5. Faint Praise, Indeed, for Active Management

    Unpacking Charley Ellis' 'defense' of active investing.

  6. Enhance Fund Analysis With Study of Its Parent

    Our annual stewardship survey shows firm-level analysis matters, too.

  7. Mutual Funds in Lake Wobegon

    Are all funds above average?

  8. Can the Hard-Hit Transportation Sector Get Back on Track?

    Interested investors may consider this ETF, the largest that holds U.S. transportation companies, which have been battered by sagging commodity prices.

  9. The Incredible Shrinking CEF Universe

    The number of closed-end funds available has shrunk by nearly one fifth since 2011.

  10. Retirement Statistics You Need to Know

    We review the eye-opening data on retirement account types, IRA assets, 401(k) choices, and more.

Recent Videos

  1. Hourly Wage Growth and the Economy

    Real hourly wage growth may fall in the coming months and years as inflation returns to a more normal level.

  2. Should You Invest in Fallen-Angel Bonds?

    Cast out of the investment-grade market, these securities offer unique appreciation potential and exposure to the high-quality end of the junk-bond spectrum, says Van Eck's Francis Rodilosso.

  3. Friday Five: Companies in Transition at Midyear

    The market pondered mixed earnings reports from Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Amex this week, while GM had a better-than-expected quarter.

  4. The Sturdiest Homebuilder

    NVR's lower capital requirements and increased flexibility over peers make it the best homebuilder to own over a full housing cycle.

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Recent Articles

  1. Mid-Value Funds All Over the Map

    Most of Morningstar's top Medalists are shining in a pack of broad returns.

  2. Sizing Up a Distinctive Approach to Tilting Toward Smaller-Cap Stocks

    This exchange-traded fund tilts toward smaller and more-defensive names in the large-cap universe. 

  3. Why Should Current Fund Shareholders Pay to Get New Shareholders?

    An article in The Wall Street Journal highlights a troubling issue.

  4. Why Is Saving for Retirement So Hard?

    It's difficult for the human mind to compute the benefits of saving for tomorrow versus consuming today.

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