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Market Barometer

  1. Slow Progress on a Very Long Arc

    Women make small gains in an industry that needs them.

  2. A Hurricane of Disintermediation

    Advisors, mutual fund managers are in a dangerous season.

  3. How to Use a Business Assessment to Grow Your Practice

    This is the first in a series called The Financial Advisor's Business Bootcamp, which will help you analyze, organize, and grow your business.

  4. Marty Bannon’s Biggest Investment Mistake (and Mine)

    Not realizing when to hire professional help.

  5. Understanding Behavioral Finance Macro

    Inspired by the positive market response to the Trump presidency, this series explores the effect that behavior has on markets and the economy.

  6. The Ins and Outs of the DOL’s Best Interest Contract Exemption

    The BICE gives some advisors a broad mandate in how they want to be compensated. Here's what you need to know.

  7. How to Help Clients Overcome Regret Aversion Bias

    Advisors not only help clients make good decisions, but they help them avoid making bad ones, too.

  8. IRA Annuities: Beware of Death Benefit Taxation

    When an immediate annuity is purchased inside an IRA, the IRA becomes subject to an entirely different set of RMD rules.

  9. How to Reduce Your Key-Person Risk

    Be prepared for inevitable change down the road by building flexibility and depth into your organization today.

  10. Low-Cost Exposure to the Consumer Discretionary Sector

    Its narrow focus and sector concentration make this ETF best-suited for use as a tactical tool to complement a diversified portfolio.

Recent Videos

  1. A Buffett-Like Small-Company Fund on Our Radar

    Long-tenured managers and a successful valuation-sensitive strategy make Tributary Small Company a promising fund.

  2. An Attractive Entry Point for This Narrow-Moat Utility

    We expect Scana to power through amid upheaval with the building of a new nuclear plant.

  3. A Reliable--and Recently Reopened--Mid-Cap Fund

    Gold-rated FMI Common Stock's valuation-centric process has rewarded patient investors.

  4. Do Industry Tilts Matter in Factor Investing?

    Investors buying funds that target factors like momentum or value should understand the impact industry tilts have had on performance, says Morningstar's Alex Bryan.

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Recent Articles

  1. Are High-Yield ETFs Junk?

    The high-yield bond market poses unique challenges to index funds that make an active approach more attractive.

  2. How to Use a Business Assessment to Grow Your Practice, Part 2

    This is the second article in The Financial Advisor's Business Bootcamp--articles and tools designed to help you analyze, organize, and grow your business.

  3. 5 Popular Funds That We're Not Sold On

    Things that make you say 'meh.'

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