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  1. Low-Cost Exposure to the Consumer Discretionary Sector

    Its narrow focus and sector concentration make this ETF best-suited for use as a tactical tool to complement a diversified portfolio.

  2. The Limits of Investment Math

    For long-term investors, knowing higher math isn’t necessarily an advantage.

  3. Green Utilities?

    Morningstar incorporates ESG into its analysis and finds some surprises.

  4. Insights from an Anonymous External Investment Wholesaler

    How to balance managing businesses, managing portfolios, managing team members – and managing the rest of life.

  5. Is the Contrarian Bell Clanging for Stocks?

    At some point, investors will stop looking at the bright side.

  6. Announcing Morningstar's 2016 Fund Managers of the Year

    Check out the winners, and discover what makes them stand out.

  7. Outcome Bias Can Bite When Clients Don't Dig Deeper

    One of the most basic investing mistakes is focusing on a past investment outcome without regard to the process or factors behind it.

  8. Rethinking Mutual Fund Pricing, Entirely

    The SEC's acceptance of "clean shares" could usher in a simpler fund-pricing scheme.

  9. 2 Stumpers Explained: RMD for Deceased Employee and NUA Treatment

    Knowing the rules is more than a good idea--it may also be a legal requirement for advisors.

  10. Want to Grow Your Practice? Learn How to 'Fill the Bucket'

    To grow your advisory, you need to identify and then diligently support those staff members who can 'fill the bucket' by bringing in new clients.

  11. 17 Funds for 2017 and Beyond

    Some fund ideas for long-term investors.

  12. 4 Ways to Improve Your Sales Skills

    Successful financial advisors are great sales people.

Recent Videos

  1. This Fund Uses Options to Tamp Down Equity Risk

    Investors seeking a smoother ride from the stock market, but leery of bonds as ballast, should consider Bronze-rated JP Morgan Hedged Equity.

  2. Make the Most of Tax-Sheltered Accounts

    Keep these three key things in mind to maximize investment tax breaks, says Christine Benz.

  3. OPEC Cuts Unlikely to Have Long-Term Impact on Oil Markets

    Many names appear overvalued, but we remain bullish about HollyFrontier, Tesoro, RSP Permian, Antero, and Range.

  4. Watch Out for Tax Drag on Investments

    Investors across income levels can reduce the toll of taxes on investment gains with a few tips from Morningstar's Christine Benz.

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Recent Articles

  1. 8 Incredibly Low-Risk Bond Funds

    Risk, schmisk: These mild-mannered funds have exhibited minuscule drawdowns over the past 10 years. 

  2. BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund Refines Its Process

    Despite an upcoming management change, we are maintaining our Bronze rating on this value-oriented dividend fund.

  3. Beware the Pessimists!

    Gloomsayers may not hurt the overall economy, but by playing into older people’s fears they can create plenty of misery.

  4. Short-Term Treasury Exposure at a Modest Fee

    This ETF is an attractive investment option for exposure to the short end of the U.S. Treasury curve.

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