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  1. Mutual Funds Are (Mostly) Getting Better

    It's not your father's industry--thankfully.

  2. How to Take Required Distributions

    Decide which assets from which accounts and how charitable giving fits in.

  3. Cementing New Client Relationships With Effective Onboarding

    A fine-tuned onboarding process strengthens the advisor-client relationship and sets the stage for your continued level of service.

  4. Lessons From the Long Bull Market

    What most of us missed.

  5. More Downgrades Than Upgrades in July

    But there are four newly rated Morningstar Medalists.

  6. Mind the Gap 2015

    Why investors get less than their funds' total return.

  7. Are Consultants Hampering Active Management?

    Probably much less than the managers themselves believe.

  8. The Case for Core Bond Funds

    Bonds remain an important allocation for certain investors.

  9. Why Is Saving for Retirement So Hard?

    It's difficult for the human mind to compute the benefits of saving for tomorrow versus consuming today.

  10. Bond Market Liquidity and the ETF Bogeyman

    Many investors still don’t fully comprehend the function that fixed-income ETFs serve or how they work.

  11. Puerto Rico Back in the Hot Seat

    Investors should expect continued volatility.

  12. Balancing Equity Risk: Is Cash King Today?

    If rates are set rise, some investors wonder if cash is a better bet than bonds in a balanced portfolio.

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  1. Online Giants in a Single Fund

    Investors who are bullish on Internet companies--including Amazon, Google, and Facebook--but want to avoid single-stock risk can consider First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index.

  2. Dividend-Payers Mostly Weather the Pullback

    Although utilities took a particularly strong beating and energy continues to look shaky, the overall backing for dividends across most of the market still looks solid, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

  3. Despite Recent Turmoil, U.S. Economy Remains Steady

    Even as energy continues to be a drag, a surprisingly strong housing market suggests that the U.S. economy may be picking up steam, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  4. The Biosimilar Threat: Which Companies Are at Risk?

    Wide-moat Amgen and Roche look the most insulated, while narrow-moat AbbVie looks the most exposed to competition from the generics of the biotech industry.

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Recent Articles

  1. Q2 2015 ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape

    New (Old) Kids on the Block

  2. Get the Picture on Framing Bias

    How you ask questions can have a profound impact on how your clients respond--and therefore how financial plans are implemented.

  3. These Formerly 'Fantastic' Funds Now Miss the Mark

    Expenses, manager changes, and lagging performance disqualify funds from an elite group.

  4. Morningstar's Letter to the SEC

    Comments on the commission's recent mutual fund proposal.

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