Home Page Intro Ad

760 x 500px
HP Intro Ad
File Size:
100K Flash, 30k gif
15 sec. Max
Flash version 8 or later

Important Notes

  • No interactivity or buttons in Intro Messages
  • No additional movie loading from the SWF
  • The HTML page that the intro file appears on will have a Morningstar.com logo, a link to go directly to the Morningstar.com home page and a link to more information "about this one time ad"
  • Will accept third party tags

Required With Submissions

  • SWF file referenced by the Flash code
  • FLA file used to create the art
  • HTML file that is built from the Flash file
  • Alternate .GIF file that is referenced by the flash
  • If you want to use a background color other than white you will need to provide the hexadecimal code for the background color (ex. #FF0000)