The metrics that describe Morningstar's web performance describe a focused, engaged, highly active audience. Morningstar is the resource financial professionals and serious investors turn to for information that drives their purchasing decisions.

Site Metrics


Readers come to Morningstar to research, learn, and look for new ideas; the time spent on site demonstrates very strong engagement. They are in an optimal mind-set to not just see the advertiser’s message, but to accept it. Our audience is much closer to making an actual investment decision for themselves or their clients.

Overall Site Metrics
Registered Users 6.1 MM
Paid Subscribers 146,000
Financial Advisors 240,000
Average Monthly Pageviews 58 MM
Average Monthly Uniques 1.1 MM
Average Time Spent Per Visit 19 Minutes
Q1 2010 BPA, Q1 2010 Nielson Netview, Q1 2010 HBX