Morningstar publications are at the forefront of the financial decision-making for three types of audiences: sophisticated individual investors, financial advisors and international audiences. Whether in the US or in any of the 18 other countries where we have operations, those who are serious about financial investment rely on Morningstar.

Audience Targeting


Morningstar is the preferred investing resource for serious individual investors investigating and validating new ideas for their personal portfolios. For advertisers serious about reaching this affluent audience, should be at the core of their advertising plans.

Most Effective Advertising Opportunities Include:
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Financial Advisors

Over 240,000 registered financial advisors rely on the unvarnished analysis, practice management insights and business-building ideas that only Morningstar delivers. Morningstar's audience loyalty is extraordinary: most financial advisors have been using and recommending Morningstar for more than 5 years. Advertisers who partner with Morningstar can reach the most desirable pool of financial advisors in the most key categories.

Most Effective Advertising Opportunities Include:
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For 25 years, Morningstar has been serving more than 6.5 million individuals worldwide. We have 20 websites spanning from Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, offering advertisers a geographically relevant way to target their desired audience.

Most Effective Advertising Opportunities Include:
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