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C-Level executives are turning to Morningstar for financial information and products to improve their business operations. Our execs are a well educated, Internet savvy audience who are looking for not only investment ideas but also opportunities to optimize all facets of their company.


Graduate Degree(%)
Gender Ratio(%)
Household Income($)
213,685per year


Portfolio Sizeavg ($)
Spend on Financial Info($)
489avg/per year
Profile Point Morningstar.com Online Index
Job Level - C-Level Exec/Owner - Corporate 90
Job Level - C-Level Exec/Owner - 10+ Years in Organization 188
Job Level - Sr. Management - Corporate 174
Purchased Online B2B Travel Services (last 6 months) 161
Planned Business Trip Online (last 30 days) 190
Used Online Audio/Radio Business News (last 30 days) 311
Used Online Video Business News (last 30 days) 316
Any Business & Finance Magazine Readership (last 30 days) 337
3-4 Round Trip Air Flights for Business (last 30 days) 135
5+ Overnight Hotel/Motel Stays for Business (last 30 days) 103
3-4 Car Rentals for Business (last 30 days) 133

Source: Nielson @Plan Winter 2009