Baby Boomers/Retirees
Baby Boomers/Retirees

Majority of Morningstar's audience is comprised of active, enthusiastic baby boomers who invest to live well. Over the age of 50 and nearing or already in retirement, they use Morningstar as a way to validate and prospect new ideas for their portfolios. With an average portfolio size just under $1MM, their smart investment decisions have allowed them to not only prepare for retirement but also live a comfortable lifestyle.

Profile Point Online Index
Retiring (last/next 12 months) 193
Securities Currently Owned - Self Directed IRA (owned, last 12 months) 210
Purchased Prescription Drugs/Remedies Online (last 30 days) 211
Purchased Health Insurance Online (last 30 days) 255
Made Last Mortgage Payment (last 12 months) 158
Personal Interests - Bridge 137
Personal - Golf Interests 154
Personal Interests - Sailing 190

Source: Nielson @Plan Winter 2009