Sponsorship opportunities not only allow advertisers unique branding opportunities, but also a partnership with Morningstar that gives you ways to further educate our audience. Being a sponsor embeds your brand in the content that our subscribers value the most – investment education and materials to achieve their financial goals. Contact your Morningstar sales director for more information.


Fund Report Sponsorship
Fund Report Sponsorship
Morningstar’s fund report sponsorship program provides you with an opportunity to reach investors as they are actively researching your company’s funds.
Participation is highly recommended for investment companies that want to:
Create a pathway directly to their site where investors can get more information.
Have exposure on Morningstar’s most valued and popular area of the site.
Manager's View
Manager’s View
The Manager’s View service provides you with an opportunity to append your own research, commentary, and marketing information to our popular Morningstar reports.
Participation is highly recommended for investment companies that want to:
Reach advisors as they are actively researching investment products and services for clients.
Demonstrate responsiveness to advisors’ needs by assisting their research process.
Highlight educational resources.
Clarify the strengths of product offerings.
Video Sponsorship
Video Center Sponsorship
Video center sponsorship is one of the highest performing programs on Morningstar. It is a great way to reach advisors and investors who stay updated on current financial news, funds, stocks, options and ETFs.
Program details:
Includes pre-roll video ad up to 15 seconds; post-roll video ad of unlimited length, and a 336x280 rectangle ad synchronized with pre/post-roll video ad.
Popular with advertisers for its reach and performance.
Quater End Package
Quarter End Package
Advertisers are offered high visibility to those who are looking for a quarterly recap and insights from our analysts on the quarter to come. This is of high interest for Financial Advisors who rely on this information to plan next steps for their clients.
Must-read quarterly wrap-up for investors planning their next actions.
Coverage includes a quarter-end review article and performance data table suite.
Available on Morningstar.com