Morningstar's audience is technologically savvy. Over 79% of our audience has viewed online financial videos in the past year and 56% enjoy financial podcasts. Emerging media has become a popular way for Individuals and Advisors to learn and share ideas with each other faster than ever before. Advertisers can take advantage of Morningstar's multimedia solutions and reach those who crave information at their fingertips.

Multimedia: Web Seminars, Video, Podcasts

Morningstar Web Seminars
Web Seminars
Morningstar web seminars are well-attended industry events that not only educate but help institutionalize a brand in the minds of core customers. Interact and engage advisors with a live 1-hour program to present new research and methodologies.
Participation is highly recommended for investment companies that want to:
Reach audience while they are in an engaged environment.
Leverage their brand with Morningstar to reach active individual investors and financial advisors.
Use attendee registration information for additional product or data offerings. Screengrab
Morningstar offers timely, streaming video content on a variety of topics including stocks, funds, market analysis, and fund manager interviews. With 10-12 new videos a week, Morningstar provides advisors an interactive way to connect with the investment community.
Advertisers have the opportunity to display pre- and post-roll messages as well as a video player companion rectangle.
Morningstar Podcast
Every month, retirement-planning expert and author Natalie Choate addresses key issues such as IRA planning and rollovers, while Scott Burns, Morningstar’s Director of ETF Analysis, offers quarterly insights on how to ease back into the market with ETFs.
Advertisers have the opportunity to provide an intro/outro message and will receive branding on Morningstar’s podcast center.
Podcasts can be downloaded directly to your computer or conveniently to iTunes.