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 Print Editorial Calendar

Ad Close: Dec. 16, 2011
Material Due: Jan. 6, 2012

Europe’s Debt Crisis:

  • The European debt crisis is constantly evolving, and Morningstar’s analysts will provide insight about where the crisis stands, who’s affected, and where to find pockets of value. They will offer strategies and solutions for finding investments that work amid the uncertainty.

Ad Close: Feb. 17, 2012
Material Due: Mar. 2, 2012


  • The panoply of alternative investment opportunities seems to grow on a daily basis. What options are the best? Our experts show how these pieces can be used to flesh out portfolios while keeping within the bounds of sensible asset allocation.

Ad Close: April 20, 2012
Material Due: May 4, 2012


  • Does good stewardship make for better fund and stock performance? We take a hard look at the evolution of stewardship, for both stocks and mutual funds, and see if the best companies truly provide the best buys. Bonus distribution: 2012 Morningstar Investment Conference

Ad Close: June 22, 2012
Material Due: July 6, 2012

Municipal Bonds:

  • Morningstar’s new municipal-bond credit research team is rolling out municipal-bond credit ratings, and our municipal-bond fund analysts weigh in on changes and opportunities in the municipal-bond world.

Ad Close: Aug. 17, 2012
Material Due: Sept. 7, 2012

“Factor” Investing:

  • Factor (momentum, value, liquidity, etc.) funds are gaining steam, and evaluating funds that focus on specific factors is different than evaluating general-purpose funds. Our analysts will dive into factor investing and serve up ideas about how to incorporate it into asset-allocation decisions.Bonus distribution: 2012 Morningstar ETF Invest Conference

Ad Close: Oct. 19, 2012
Material Due: Nov. 2, 2012

Funds of Funds:

  • More and more investors are outsourcing active management—target-date funds, managed portfolios, and 529 plans. We get to the bottom of this shift toward funds of funds and look to the future of these vehicles.
 Online Editorial Calendar


  • Quarter-end Review
  • Quarterly Fund Manager Round Table


Individual Investor Conference:

  • A live one-day virtual conference for Morningstar.com members with sessions focusing on Morningstar’s 2012 outlook, portfolio checkup, Social Security maximization, college planning, and other key investor objectives, with a focus on how investors can use Morningstar.com to help them meet their investment goals.


Tax Planning:

  • Readers will discover tips to avoid the tax bite in 2012, manage tax-advantaged and taxable accounts, and formulate a retirement tax plan. Plus, we’ll highlight our top tax-efficient picks.


Alternatives and Diversifiers:

  • Morningstar strategists and noted fund managers will discuss the mechanics behind and true diversification benefits of various alternative strategies, including merger arbitrage, long/short, market neutral, managed futures, and multialternative. We’ll also cover some of the more traditional portfolio diversifiers, including real estate and commodities, to help investors understand what these asset classes can do for a portfolio and the best way to get exposure to them.


Beat the Market Week:

  • Each day this week we will survey a strategy that the pros use to get a leg up on the market, describe the mechanics and risks behind the strategy, and profile a handful of Morningstar’s favorite managers/practitioners. Strategies tentatively will include: quantitative, deepvalue, special situations, macro/sector rotation, and undiscovered growth.
  • May

    Portfolio Makeover Week:

  • In a reprisal of 2011’s successful week, Morningstar’s Christine Benz will make over five portfolios, one per day, for real investors of different stripes. Each day’s featured makeover will be accompanied by related article and video reports to help investors in similar situations sort through their options and manage their portfolios more effectively.
  • June

    Morningstar Investment Conference

  • Morningstar analysts and editors will convene with top fund managers in Morningstar’s flagship annual event. Morningstar.com coverage includes on-the-spot blog reports on panel discussions, video interviews with top managers, and preview and post-event analysis on the big themes and most intriguing ideas from the conference.
  • July

    Individual Investor Conference Midyear Checkup:

  • Following up on January’s full-day individual investor Conference, in July we will host a half-day event to help investors review their first-half performance, revisit the themes and predictions from the January event, walk through our economic and investment outlooks for the remainder of 2012 and beyond, and put the first-half winners and losers into perspective.
  • August

    No scheduled events

  • September

    No scheduled events


    ETF Invest Conference:

  • In Morningstar’s annual event, industry thought leaders and ETF practitioners convene for enlightening panel discussions on portfolio applications, ETF best practices, and the latest industry innovations. Morningstar.com’s coverage will include on-the-spot blogs on panel breakout sessions as well as video interviews with ETF managers, experts, and analysts.
  • Retirement Readiness Week:

  • Morningstar’s Christine Benz and a range of hand-picked outside experts will present a holistic approach to retirement readiness—including how Social Security, changing spending patterns, medical costs, working longer, annuities, and other fixed-income sources affect the retirement portfolio that will best serve the individual investor. Also included will be tips on determining your retirement income needs, calculating withdrawal rates and portfolio sustainability, and finding the best asset allocation.
  • November

    Investing Passport Week (International Investing):

  • Each day we will take in-depth look at a critical global theme affecting investors today. Topics will include the increasingly global nature of domestic exposure, a survey of sovereign health, and where in the world global managers are finding opportunities today. Plus, focus will be on the risks and rewards of emerging markets and frontier markets and how to make sure you’re getting true diversification with your overseas investments.
  • December

    Ideas Week

    • Morningstar analysts, strategists, and noted outside managers and experts will offer their best ideas for putting money to work in 2013 and beyond.