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Morningstar® Variable Annuity Performance Report

Here's the one publication that tells you what your competitors are doing and how your variable annuity/life products stack up.

Get a quick read on nearly every subaccount
Each issue presents returns for more that 21,600 subaccounts, plus rankings of the 20 highest and lowest returning subaccounts in 27 Morningstar categories. And all statistics are calculated at month-end, allowing you to make accurate comparisons easily.

Key Product Features

Comprehensive tabular report on the performance of variable annuity/life products issued in book form

Information on more than 21,600 subaccounts

20 highest and lowest performers in 27 Morningstar categories, ranked for quick reference

Trailing returns for easy comparisons

Morningstar star rating and investment style boxes for each subaccount covered

Duff & Phelps and A.M. Best ratings

Policy fees, features, and funds for easy head-to-head comparisons

Biographical information about fund managers

Variable Annuity Performance Report
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Monthly, 12 updates (1 year)
$695 United States
$735 Canada/Mexico
$775 Other
Quarterly, 4 updates ( 1 year)
$415 United States
$445 Canada/Mexico
$470 Other
Annual, 1 update (1 year )
$135 United States
$150 Canada/Mexico
$165 Other
To order by phone or renew your subscription call 800-735-0700
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