Why Moats Matter
The Morningstar Approach to Stock Investing

Finding great businesses at great prices is the holy grail of investing. How can you tell a great business from a poor one? Why Moats Matter is a comprehensive guide to finding great companies with economic moats--or sustainable competitive advantages that keep competitors at bay. In this book, Morningstar shares the ins and outs of its moat-driven investment philosophy, which readers can use to identify great stock picks for their own portfolios.

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Chapter 1: Guiding Principles of Morningstar's Equity Research

Chapter 2: What Makes a Moat?

Chapter 3: Why Moat Trends Matter

Chapter 4: How Stewardship Affects Economic Moats

Chapter 5: Applying Moats to Dividend Investing

Chapter 6: The Importance of Valuation

Chapter 7: Do Moat Ratings Predict Stock Returns?

Chapter 8: Putting Moat and Valuation to Work: Portfolio Strategies

Chapter 9: Basic Materials

Chapter 10: Consumer

Chapter 11: Energy

Chapter 12: Financial Services

Chapter 13: Healthcare

Chapter 14: Industrials

Chapter 15: Technology

Chapter 16: Utilities
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