Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing
morningstar's Guide to Building Wealth and Winning in the Market
This is the essential stock-investing primer. Written by morningstar’s Director of Stock Analysis, Pat Dorsey, The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing provides you with a game plan you can easily follow to stock picking success. It includes what information you need to know about companies and economic sectors, why the information is important, and how to use it to make professional-level buy and sell decisions. The book also features detailed industry reviews that explain the unique dynamics and set of jargon for that particular industry. It’s the ideal desktop companion as you conduct stock research – add it to your library today!
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Chapter 1: The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing

Chapter 2: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 3: Economic Moats

Chapter 4: The Language of Investing

Chapter 5: Financial Statements Explained

Chapter 6: Analyzing a Company—the Basics

Chapter 7: Analyzing a Company—Management

Chapter 8: Avoiding Financial Fakery

Chapter 9: Valuation—the Basics

Chapter 10: Valuation—Intrinsic Value

Chapter 11: Putting It All Together

Chapter 12: The 10-Minute Test

Chapter 13: A Guided Tour of the Market

Chapter 14: Health Care

Chapter 15: Consumer Services

Chapter 16: Business Services

Chapter 17: Banks

Chapter 18: Asset Management and Insurance

Chapter 19: Software

Chapter 20: Hardware

Chapter 21: Media

Chapter 22: Telecom

Chapter 23: Consumer Goods

Chapter 24: Industrial Materials

Chapter 25: Energy

Chapter 26: Utilities

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