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Sound strategies.  Solid fundamentals.  Powerful investment wisdom.  You'll find them all in the new Morningstar PracticalFinance.
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Simplify your financial life with Morningstar PracticalFinance.

In a tumultuous market environment like the current one, Wall Street works overtime to sell the message that investing is complicated.  To get it right, you need them, but that can mean paying outsized fees and settling for lackluster investments to boot.

Morningstar’s PracticalFinance, our monthly newsletter geared toward do-it-yourself investors, shows you that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Subscribers to the newsletter know that creating a successful financial plan is within your reach as long as you know three key principles that Wall Street prefers you didn’t:

Principle 1: Straightforward investments and streamlined portfolios are more effective than complicated ones.

Less is more when it comes to building portfolios.  With Morningstar PracticalFinance, you’ll learn how to maximize your returns by concentrating your holdings in your highest-conviction picks.

Principle 2: Controlling costs is essential to investment success.

In an uncertain market environment, it pays to control whatever variables you can, including your investment-related costs. Morningstar’s PracticalFinance newsletter shows you how to limit your tax and transaction costs so you can pocket more of your gains.

Principle 3: You can be your own financial planner.

You can easily-and inexpensively-create a financial plan that will help you reach your goals.  Morningstar PracticalFinance coaches you on every aspect of your financial life, from investments to taxes to retirement planning.

We cover those principles-and more-in each monthly issue.

Sure, there’s no shortage of experts proffering financial advice.  But Morningstar PracticalFinance is different from other personal finance newsletters and magazines because it harnesses Morningstar’s many resources, most importantly our 130 stock and fund analysts, to deliver sound strategies to optimize your investments.  If we recommend a mutual fund or stock, you can rest assured that we’ve thoroughly put it through its paces.  And because we don’t accept advertising, you can also rest assured that we’re beholden only to you, our subscribers.

The newsletter is also holistic-it offers specific investment advice, but also offers guidance on subjects like taxes, retirement, and estate planning.  Here are some of the topics covered in PracticalFinance:

  • Retirement Insights. Discover how to create a retirement paycheck.
  • Portfolio Makeovers. Using real-life examples, we show you how to improve your portfolio.
  • Expert Q&A. Some of the top experts in their field share tips on improving your investments, saving on taxes, and tackling other aspects of your financial life such as estate planning.
  • Bonus—Four Free Reports. We've compiled a host of tips, picks, and strategies to help you generate income safely.

The only way to know if PracticalFinance can add value to your investment strategy is to review it yourself. If you decide not to keep it, simply cancel your subscription before the second issue and get a full refund. Either way, you get to keep the the four bonus reports with our compliments.

Free Reports — a $80 Value
The Morningstar Guide to Income Investing
Bear Market Survival Guide
How to Manage Your Financial Risk
The Morningstar College Savings Guide
About Christine Benz
Christine Benz is director of investment planning for Morningstar, editor of Morningstar PracticalFinance, a monthly personal-finance newsletter, and writes a weekly column on Morningstar.com. She is also coauthor of Morningstar® Guide to Mutual Funds: 5-Star Strategies for Success, a national bestseller published in 2003, and author of the book’s second edition, which was published in 2005. Before assuming her current role, Benz served as Morningstar’s director of mutual fund analysis. She has also served as editor of Morningstar® Mutual Funds™, the firm’s flagship newsletter, and Morningstar® FundInvestor™, a monthly newsletter for individual investors. She has worked as an analyst and editor at Morningstar since 1993.
Morningstar Guarantee
You're invited to review completely without risk the first issue of PracticalFinance. If you're not happy with it for any reason, you may cancel your subscription before you receive your second issue for a full refund. Also, if you continue your subscription and ever become unhappy with PracticalFinance, you may cancel any time. You'll receive a full refund on the unused portion of your subscription.
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