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Morningstar's Take

For the 500 largest and most important companies in our 1,000-company universe, we give you our unbiased opinion on the stock's prospects.

The Take is updated whenever conditions warrant, providing valuable commentary on a company's success or failure, as well as long-term insights into the company's strategic goals.

Our analysts cull information from every available source—SEC filings, company press releases, news services, and our own proprietary financial database—to provide insights on stocks that can't be found anywhere else.

Our fund analysts closely monitor 2,000 mutual funds, updating Morningstar's Take whenever conditions warrant. They do all of their own research: calling mutual-fund companies, talking to fund managers, and digging through annual reports. Because we are not involved in money management or underwriting, we have no conflicts of interests when it comes to providing you with analysis.

When do fund analyses get updated? Whenever the Morningstar analyst thinks there's been important news or events that you should know about.  

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