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Manager Name

The name of the individual or individuals who are employed by the advisor or subadvisor who are directly responsible for managing the fund's portfolio, as taken directly from the fund's prospectus. Other terms that may appear in this column include the following:

Multiple Managers

This term appears when more than two people are involved in the fund management, and they manage independently. Where this term is used, quite often the fund has divided net assets in set amounts among the individual managers. In most cases, multiple managers are employed at different subadvisors or investment firms.

Management Team

This is used when there are more than two people involved in fund management, and they manage together, or when the fund strongly promotes its team-managed aspect.

Et al

When this term appears after a manager name, it indicates that while other people are involved in fund management, the person listed acts as the leader or is recognized by the fund as being the principal player.

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