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By Jason Stipp | 02-24-2011 05:40 PM

Introducing Morningstar's New Closed-End Fund Center

Visit our new home for exclusive closed-end fund commentary, analysis, and ratings, plus distribution news, management calls, and more.

Jason Stipp: I'm Jason Stipp for Morningstar. We're continuing to roll out closed-end fund coverage. This week we launched our new Closed-End Fund Center.

Here with me to take a tour of the Center is Morningstar's Mike Taggart. He is a closed-end fund strategist.

Thanks for joining me, Mike.

Mike Taggart: Thanks for having me.

Stipp: So you guys have rolled out a lot of things recently. We had some new quote pages. You guys have rolled out some Analyst Reports, qualitative rating, analyst driven on closed-end funds.

Taggart: It's been pretty busy.

Stipp: And also you guys write weekly articles, have a weekly report.

The Center is meant to bring these things together. Can you just walk us through what are some of the different things that folks might find on the Center? Maybe, we'll start up here with the editorial content?

Taggart: Yeah, sure, I mean, it's very exciting. I'm very excited about this. We're going to have our editorial content out there right, so our weekly pieces and our various articles that we plan on writing, because going along with the new CEF Center, we're going to have a more regular publishing schedule with different types of articles about closed-end funds.

Stipp: So another thing that users can find here in the editorial area is the Solutions Center. This is a slide show presentation. Could you talk about what readers can find there?

Taggart: Absolutely. This is where we're going to house a lot of evergreen content, educational content ... about the unique attributes of closed-end funds. So essentially we've broken the Solutions Center down into three separate pieces. One is closed-end fund basics--just basics stuff about closed-end funds. Then there is "before investing," things we think people should know in addition to the closed-end fund basics, before they put any money in a closed-end fund. And then closed-end fund investor, which are more advanced topics.

Stipp: Another thing that you do is, you have a weekly column, but you also release a weekly PDF report that includes some data on closed-end funds from the previous week. We'll have links to the recent copies on the Closed-End Fund Center. What is it that you're looking at in that report?

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