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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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  Screening Tools
 Premium Screener
Look for stocks or mutual funds to buy with this screener that scours our databases using hundreds of key data points.
Conduct helpful and simple screens on our databases to find a stock, mutual fund, or ETF to buy.
Find leaders in our stock or mutual fund universes. Also use our new ETF Valuation Quickrank to find undervalued ETFs, and our CEF Quickrank to sort through our closed-end fund data.
  Research Tools
Looking to replace a holding you are unsatisfied with? This tool will help you find a fund that has a similar portfolio and investment style.
See how different stocks or mutual funds stack up against one another by comparing them based on various data points.
  Portfolio Tools
Portfolio Manager
Enter a portfolio and see why Barron's ranks our Portfolio Manager the best on the Web. Track and analyze your portfolio, using unique Morningstar features such as Portfolio X-Ray®, Interpreter, and Stock Intersection.
Get a clear view on your investments with personalized portfolio reports, including your performance, top contributors and detractors, and a breakdown of your current asset, sector, region, and investment style allocations.
Reveal value, size, performance, and return metrics for the underlying holdings of your entire portfolio, so you can easily pinpoint weaknesses and build a stronger investment mix.
Understand your portfolio's basic characteristics at a glance, including its asset allocation, exposure to different investment styles, and other important factors.
Determine which combination of asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash) will give you the best chance of meeting your investment goals without taking on undue risk.
Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android, Morningstar's mobile apps give you the power to research new investments, track your portfolio, and monitor the markets. iPad, iPhone and Android.
Apps for iPad are available for Morningstar StockInvestor, DividendInvestor, FundInvestor and ETFInvestor. Take Morningstar's trusted newsletter strategists with you. Our apps combine the editors' exclusive recommendations, analysis, and market insights with the convenience and hands-on experience of your tablet. Stay on top of portfolio changes, get immediate notification of trades, and access your downloaded library for quick reference and offline reading.
  Financial Calculators
Before you make a trade for tax reasons, see how big the tax benefit really is (or isn't). Or, if you are replacing a security with a gain on it, see how much extra return you will need to justify the capital gains you will realize.
Compare the total costs of similar investment options, such as ETFs vs. index funds or various share classes of the same fund.
IRA Calculator
Determine how much you can contribute to an IRA, which type of IRA (Roth or traditional) is best for you, and whether you should convert part or all of a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
Bond Calculator
Compare the total return of two bonds using the yield to maturity function, or determine whether you're better off investing in taxable or municipal bonds using the tax-equivalent yield function.
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