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Fixed-income investors should consider playing defense because of potential credit problems or a spike in rates, but there's a risk of being too conservative, as well, says Morningstar's Russ Kinnel.
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ETF Spotlight
This high-yield bond index fund attempts to avoid some of the pitfalls of market-cap weighting, but it may introduce a new problem.
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Quarter-End Insights
As credit spreads have tightened on a nearly continuous trend over the past year, they are becoming richly valued relative to their historical average.
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Bond Market Update07-24-2014  03:30:45PM ET

10y Retakes 2.50%:
  • Treasuries finished near their worst levels of the session. 
  • Maturities held small losses into the cash open and were sent to their worst levels of the day as initial claims (284K …

The Bond Column 07-18-2014  03:29:06PM ET The Week in Review/Week Ahead

The Week in ReviewTreasuries endured a mixed week as selling took hold up front while buyers were in charge at the long end. Macro headlines were plentiful as Portugal's Espirito Santo International …

Fed Brief06-18-2014  04:31:52PM ET

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which included three new members, issued another formulaic policy directive in the wake of its June 17-18 meeting.  That appeared to be just fine with the capital markets, which didn't need nor want any sources of upset.

The gist of the directive, which did not contain any dissents, …